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SoulFullHeart is a catalytic quantum healing process and way of life that invites you into the deepest terrain of your being...from your roots to your wings, from your childhood to other lifetime incarnations, from your current self to your future self, all in this NOW moment, and offers transformational change and freedom at the most fundamental levels. 


SoulFullHeart offers an advanced level of initiations guided by your soul and supported by your SoulFullHeart Facilitator to bring you into deeper states of embodiment of your Divine Self in all areas of life while you embrace and digest your human experience in deep, emotional, and validating ways within a soul family community. 

I am love. You are love. We are love.


Embrace Your Humanity
Embody Your Divinity

Offerings & Initiations

Beyond a self improvement program, a therapy, or a spiritual practice, SoulFullHeart offers direct connection with parts of you (sub-personalities), soul aspects, and the Divine. This process accesses and allows for deeper layers of negotiation and transformation leading to:

healing of trauma from this life and karmic soul patterns from many lifetimes; increasing soul awakening and gift activation experiences; unplugging from the 3D and false light/false god Matrix conditioning/programming: vital healthy embodiment; clarity and support for your soul purpose expression; soul family and soul mate/twin flame reunion; and ongoing remembering of that which you really ARE as Infinite Love.

The SoulFullHeart waveform/frequency is offered through ongoing community experiences such as group events, dynamic individual sessions, writings/books, and videos.



 SoulFullHeart is our way of life and has been our shared consciousness lived within community/proximity since 2012. You are warmly invited to experience this soul family community with us now through our group calls, free online community Portal on FB, local events, and seasonal Gatherings here in Central Portugal.  

At the heart of SoulFullHeart is the sacred union relationship between Co-creators and Teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen. Showing up in intimate relationship together the last 14 years has required the deep self awareness and trauma/karma healing that the process offers. Their experience together defines SoulFullHeart and our vision as a community is informed by it too.  


Individual sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators over Zoom and in person in Central Portugal offer an ongoing and deep initiatory journey into the domains of yourself and your soul that are often in shadow. Rather than giving you 'readings' as experts, we support the process to be sovereignly led by you and your Divine Self. Sessions range from €55 to €100 equiv. per 90 minutes depending on Facilitator.

In this video recorded live on January 31, Raphael and Jelelle talk with Todd Medina on his SoulSpeaks 5D show about sacred union, reconciliation, masculine/feminine healing and more!

Upcoming Events

Sacred Union Call FB_Blog.jpg

Virtual: Sacred Union Group Call

with Raphael & Jelelle Awen

Sunday, February 5th

at 5:00pm GMT/WEST/Lisbon, Portugal/12:00pm EST/9am PST

By Donation

SoulFullHeart Livestream (1) (1).jpg

Virtual: SoulFullHeart Livestream with Raphael & Jelelle Awen

Wednesdays at 5:00pm Portugal/UK time/12:00pm EST

Live into our SoulFullHeart Portal FB Group, Recording on You Tube

Next Up: TBD

Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Virtual: Sacred Union Activation

Group Call For Women

with Jelelle Awen & Kasha Rokshana

Sunday, February 19th

at 5:00pm GMT/WEST/Lisbon, Portugal/12:00pm EST/9am PST

By Donation

Online Community


The SoulFullHeart Portal on Facebook is a private group for connecting and sharing around the SoulFullHeart process and way of life. We offer exclusive content and personal sharings there, in addition to broadcasting our weekly livestreams into the group.


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"This is trust what you are becoming, to let go of what isn’t you and never really was in order to return to and remember who you really ARE. This is the unfolding/arising/surrendering process that the Divine energies all around you are supporting."
Jelelle Awen, Free To Be 5D

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