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What is your deepest desire at this phase of your life?

What is your deepest suffering?

Is your deepest suffering connected in some way to your deepest desire through the experience of resisting it, not getting to have it, or losing it?  

It is your Divine Birthright to BE love, to experience nourishing and intimate love with yourself, others and with the Divine.

What blocks/limits/fears/resistances are parts of you holding onto that prevent you from embodying your Divine Self essence AS love?

Are you curious enough to see where those questions can take you? 

Are you ready to let go of outsourcing the 'cure' and looking for an external savior? 

Are you ready to let go of blaming others for your choices, your reality, and your suffering?

Are you ready to move into your FULL empowerment that is waiting in your soul field. To let in all the love that wants to come to you, AS you, and WITH you?

If yes, then you've been guided to the 'right place' here with us and with this Divine Self Embodiment process (which sovereignly becomes your process) to receive the loving (and sometimes challenging) mirror we offer of YOUR bigness, your worthiness, your soul's choice, and your sovereignty. 

Now, is the time to let go of suffering.

Now, is the time to become the radiant spark of Divine you were MEANT to be.


Divine Self Embodiment
Embrace Your Humanity, Embody Your Divinity


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Our Story

The Divine Self Embodiment process and way of life (formerly SoulFullHeart) is offered and co-created by Teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen since 2012. It comes from the outflow of  love, intimacy, growth, and healing  we have experienced for over 15 years in our Divine Counterpart Union relationship, individually, with others in service/community and with the Divine.  From the moment we came together, we felt a Divine calling to share and serve from the overflow of our love. We have served hundreds of souls remotely and increasingly here in Central Portugal/Ancient Lusitania/New Earth/ Port of Grail frequencies with soul family beloveds since being guided here in June, 2021.



Divine Self Embodiment is a spiritual, emotional, physical and energy healing process and consciousness paradigm/way of life that invites you through a series of soul-guided initiations supported and mentored by your Facilitator/Teachers and grounded into soul family community experience. It is offered through individual and couples sessions, group events, videos, and writing/books. Our mission is to embody this New Earth/Lemurian/Magdalene higher consciousness as a way of life and to offer support and healing transmissions as seeds for our soul family lineage to harvest now and for future generations.

Community Engagement

At Divine Self Embodiment, we feel that soul family community is an essential source of support during the awakening and healing journey. Our greatest woundings happened in relationship and heal in relationship. We offer various community engagement events, both online and in-person here in Central Portugal, to support individuals and couples in connecting with others on a similar path. Our events include monthly virtual group transmission calls for men and women/women only, multi-day Gathering in-person retreats on every Equinox/Solstice, monthly group healing days, and sound healing/meditation evenings.


Teachers & Facilitators


New Book by Raphael and Jelelle Awen

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Upcoming Events

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Virtual: Inner Sacred Union

Transmission Group Call For Women

with Jelelle and Raianna

Sunday, April 21st at 5:00pm WEST

by donation

Sacred Union W/Self, Others, & The Divine Virtual Circle Series

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In Person: Group Healing Day

With Raphael & Jelelle Awen & Community

Saturday, April 27th 10:30-17:00

in Central Portugal

Group Calls 2023-2024 (1200 x 675 px) (4) copy 3.png

In Person: Sound Healing/Meditation Evening

With Raphael & Jelelle Awen & Community

Sunday, May 12th 18:00-20:00

in Central Portugal

Group Calls 2023-2024 (1200 x 675 px) (3).png

In Person: Summer Solstice Gathering Retreat

With Raphael & Jelelle Awen & Community

June 20th-25th

in Central Portugal

Crown Chakra meditation & sound healing with Raphael and Jelelle

Raphael and Jelelle share the first video telling their story together of meeting and dating in their Sacred Union Journey series

"Our sessions have been helping me a lot to ground and to see in a more soul expanded perspective, Jelelle. I have been listening to your audio book of Free To Be 5D too. And its been life-changing. I'm processing it within myself step by step and the audio book(due to your voice, the frequency that you carry) keeps opening new portals of healings, new horizons, elevating the glass ceiling and attracting new timelines with soul-aligned people. I am extending gratitude for the beautiful radiating service you offer."

Aneesa Emmambokus


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"This is trust what you are becoming, to let go of what isn’t you and never really was in order to return to and remember who you really ARE. This is the unfolding/arising/surrendering process that the Divine energies all around you are supporting."
Jelelle Awen, Free To Be 5D

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