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3D/4D/5D selves and the seven areas of life

(With Journal questions)

This process is intended as a self-guided location tool to see where you are at by evaluating yourself through two new lenses. One lens is the seven key areas of life as identified by SoulFullHeart (Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Social, Physical, Financial, and Environmental). The other lens is through third dimensional (3D), fourth dimensional (4D), and fifth dimensional (5D) states of consciousness. Dimensions are not physical or even spiritual ‘places’ that you go to, as much as they represent different consciousness states of awareness 

and experience of reality (that you can bring you to any place). Different spiritual teachings apply different meanings to the terms ‘dimension’, or ‘density’ and may also see and describe more dimensions or densities beyond the 5th. We feel not to contend for any one correct interpretation, but instead to see this whole discussion as a way to make some very important distinctions.


In the video above, Jelelle describes more about the 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness states are in the seven area of life and why it can be useful to see your life from this perspective. She also leads you in a guided meditation to connect with each of these areas and feel into how they are expressing in your life and which consciousness they are vibrating at: 3D, 4D, or 5D.

In brief summary (with much more explanation in Jelelle's book Free To Be 5D), 3D has been the dominant, mainstream timeline consciousness on Earth for tens of thousands of years. 3D is more dualistic, polarized, and about filtering reality through the five main senses of touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Since 2012, Earth has been moving into Her Gaia Consciousness into 4D through a vibrational frequency increase supported by influxes of solar and cosmic energies of photonic light. During this ongoing Ascension process, humans are invited to come along with Gaia as Her planetary consciousness increases to fourth and into fifth. 4D is a transitional consciousness of dark nights, soul awakenings, and has a distinct ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ vibrational experience to it. 5D is more of a ‘heaven’ experience of joy, magic, Infinite and unconditional love, and Oneness.


In this process, we provide you with descriptions of 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness states in each area of life. This will assist you in understanding more about how these states actually show up in every area of life and where you may be experiencing compartmentalization in each area. Parts of us compartmentalize our lives because it can seem too scary to allow higher frequency energies to ‘flood’ into certain areas. Also, there may be anchorings to 3D lower and dense frequencies due to undigested emotional trauma in certain areas of life that still have yet to be identified, healed, and let go of. Read here for more about parts and Metasoul aspects. 


The journal questions invite you to identify yourself related to where your consciousness is at predominantly in each of the seven key areas of life. You will also identify your frustrations and desires in each area. This opens up your perspective in a new way on each of these areas and how you may be relating with them; which are the biggest sources of frustrations; and which hold the deepest desires. This also begins the differentiation process of your 3D, 4D, and 5D self; the predominant ‘you’ that currently anchors your experience of each dimension. 


Although this process can seem like a mostly mental-based delineation, it allows for a lens and a frame for you to see your awakening and Ascension process in both practical and transcendent ways. The double lens of the seven areas and the dimensional selves provides a way to objectively see and simplify the complex process of soul remembrance, Ascension, and Higher Self embodiment. We also invite you to FEEL what comes up for you emotionally as you answer the questions in each area. To feel the frustrations that parts of you may have in a particular area and the desires too. To feel is to begin the process the deeper awareness and, eventually, transformation into the higher consciousness state that you most want. It can be accurately said that the entire SoulFullHeart process is just simply feeling what there is to feel, so if you take this point to heart and to practice in this very first process, you will be well on your way to a solid, foundational beginning.


About This Article


The Emotional area of life includes the relationship you and parts of you have to your emotions, your subconscious, your pain body, emotional healing, and emotional expression.
3D: Your third dimensional (3D) Self is usually emotionally immature, in the sense of being largely unconscious about your emotional wounding and how it impacts your life. Your 3D Self is emotionally reactive (inwardly or outwardly), easily triggered, and can often play victim or use other strategies to divert taking responsibility for your life, for your emotions, and for your outcomes. You may ‘fuse’ without consciousness to different parts of yourself while having brief moments of authenticity usually with very beloved people or in ‘perfect’ settings or situations. You may have done some emotional or psychotherapy work on your emotional body which creates some lightening up as well as a push to move deeper into 4D. It is the 3D Self that has been labeled with mental illness diagnoses whose actual root cause is in the congested emotional body. The 3D Self ‘becomes’ depression, anxiety, rage, mania, etc. without ‘space’ around the mood or emotional state. This is the state of being what we call ‘fused’. Emotions are generally seen polarized as either ‘negative’ or ‘positive’, which keeps them from being known and felt by us. That which is labeled negative or positive then makes for either an active or passive suppression in play around how that emotion is expressed or suppressed.
A dominant motivation for the 3D Self is the understandable use of many ‘drugs’ to numb your emotions and wounding, such as codependent relationships, food, entertainment, distractions, alcohol, nicotine, work or career, thought and behavior patterns, etc. The list is endless, with even many ‘good’ things being related to as a pain-numbing medication. 

The main grounds of relating to your emotions within 3D consciousness is typically ‘suffering over your suffering’ with repeated suffering loops. In other words, we all have difficult patterns and emotions to face, which is a kind of suffering, but when we have no way to relate to that suffering, we add another layer of suffering and parts of us ‘suffer over our suffering’ in a way that feels impossible to change and ‘over-emotionalized’. Another 3D way of relating to your emotions is to ‘under-emotionalize’ or suppress your emotions to a large degree, or it can be somewhere between the two at different phases or settings in your life. How the 3D Self relates to your emotions is largely templated off of your same gender parent. Your 3D Self decides whether to suppress or express what is modeled to you. As the pattern is either taken in or rejected, both are still in ‘reaction to’, and stem from this patterning and powerful imprint.
The fourth dimensional (4D) Self is becoming aware of your emotional wounding and becoming more conscious of your own ‘shadow’ and trigger projections. Awakening of the 4D Self often comes about because of a life crisis that triggers dormant emotions that catalyze the opening and deep desire to move out of suffering. The life crisis could be a Near Death Experience, health crisis, relationship crisis, sudden career change or retirement, a psychedelic experience, a Dark Night of the Soul, or other spiritual awakening experiences. Or, your awakening may be more of a gradual and cumulative process over many years with many mini-awakenings. Your 4D Self seeks out resources to help you with your emotional wounding, usually beyond just traditional therapy or some soothing combination of psychology and spirituality. In the ‘lower 4th’ dimension, your 4D Self may experience an often painful and dramatic roller coaster of emotions and corresponding life experiences, usually in your closest relationships, in order for your feelings to come up to be felt and move out of shadow and into your awareness. This can be an ‘alchemical purgatory’ in terms of emotional reactions coming up, often ones that have been suppressed for this life or many lifetimes. You are entering ground here that you simply never have before. 
In the ‘higher 4th’ dimension, your 4D Self is forming a relationship with your emotions as you are giving them room in your life. You embrace and respond to your feelings with love and curiosity rather than suppression. You ‘hold space’ for yourself and parts of you, and have others around you that encourage your authentic expression of emotions in this new way of life you are embracing. You are more motivated by love than by suffering. Ongoing unaddressed suffering is simply no longer okay. You’ve lost interest in suppression and are consciously noticing and letting go of things that numb your feelings. Your 4D Self still has distinct parts/subpersonalities and these parts of you also extend beyond this-life wounding to be seen and felt as part of soul wounding, archetypal themes, karmic healing, and tapping into wounds held in the collective unconscious and in your Metasoul. The parts of your 4D Self are integrating, one by one, as they are felt and healing. The 5D Self is developing more and more to hold the overall, ongoing process. There is less fusion to parts, less 'becoming' the emotions, even as there are phases of intense emotional reactions and upheavals, especially in the lower fourth dimensional experience.
5D: Your fifth dimensional (5D) Self is balanced related to your emotions and has very few emotional reactions or fusions to reactions. The main emotions that you experience are joy, bliss, desire, and sadness (at times).You have metaspace around your emotional body and it is relatively or completely free of emotional congestions and woundings. You are ‘current’ with your emotions and share them authentically and vulnerably in the moment you feel them. You do not suppress or judge them. As you are moving more into Oneness and wholeness, you only have one or two parts (if any) that you are conscious of and it feels more like remnants of energies rather than very strong energies. You are motivated by love in almost every moment and have a deep inner reality of goodness and self love that draws more of the same from others. You do not experience suffering even as sometimes sadness or mourning is an aspect of your reality.


Questions For You:

How did you locate yourself related to emotions – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the area of emotions?

What are your desires in the area of emotions?



The Spiritual area of life includes the relationship you and parts of you have to your Spirituality, soul gift expression, soul purpose, Ethereal Guides, the Divine, and your energy body/chakras.

3D: Your 3D Self is hugely conditioned by birth family and social relationships related to spirituality. Due to your 3D Self’s inclination to adapt and survive, you usually take on whatever spirituality paradigm is/was offered to you by family. You will accept religious conditioning, for example, without much question or protest and even often with deep embracement. Or, your 3D self will take on a no-God or no-Spirituality paradigm in a push-away kind of reaction to the family conditioning. The soul’s frequencies are rare to come out and when they do, this is the awakening of your 4D Self. You may have some authentic connection to the Divine or a spiritual practice or spiritual guru, yet it is an ‘outside authority’ and can be more superficial than deeply meaningful or is more about getting social needs met. The veil is thicker related to connection with your Higher Self and soul. You usually do not have access to memories of other lives, or a sense of your soul purpose, or much expression of your soul gifts, although there are usually hints of these things in your 3D Self-life if looked at from this lens.
4D: Your 4D Self is in a transition from what your conditioning has been, moving into embracing and discovering what truly and deeply resonates with you as a soul. Soul awakening is happening, including memories and recall of other lifetimes and a deepening sense of soul purpose. In the lower 4D, there is often some sort of Dark Night of the Soul experience or deep spiritual awakening experience(s). There can be a fixation and break off with a group and spiritual teacher/guru as an aspect of this that brings about big awakenings and realizations. In the lower 4D, outer authority is looked to for guidance and validation, replacing the authority of your birth family and your culture, with sometimes mixed results and experiences. Polarities of good and evil still exist here and are experienced in different ways to heal soul themes and legacies. Archetypes such as hero, priest/priestess, warrior, shaman are starting to infuse your BEing and heal into more positive expressions from the shadow expressions.
In the upper 4D, you have increasing clarity about soul purpose and are drawn to serve others in some way with your soul gifts. There is usually a claiming and some educational choices that come along with this even as the shift of earning money and livelihood from soul gifts maybe hasn’t yet come into manifestation. There will be more self authorization and less need for certifications and degrees to ‘prove’ your ability or credibility to serve love. There is usually a deep and rich experience and relationship with Ethereal Guides such as Angels, Ascended Masters, the Divine in both feminine and masculine forms, and/or Star BEings. The connections are becoming more and more personal and less generated by an outer authority.
5D: Your 5D Self operates from a sense of deep personal authority related to spirituality, yet also a large degree of surrender of outcomes to Divine will. Your 5D Self can operate in paradoxes such as this. Your 5D Self has a rich inner world and realizes that everything that you experience as coming from ‘guides’ is actually YOU as you embrace the Metasoul perspective. You are connecting with Guides and Aspects from other lifetimes in a bigger contextual, quantum way, with integration to wholeness happening more and more. Your 5D Self has a visceral experience of being a fragment of the Divine AND the Divine both. Your 5D Self remembers that its essence is as Infinite Awareness and Infinite Love having a human experience. Your 5D Self is embodying the Higher Self more as your vibrational frequencies increase. Serving love and your soul purpose are manifesting with income and gift exchange connected directly to expression and offering of your soul gifts.


Questions For You:


How did you locate yourself related to spirituality – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the area of spirituality?

What are your desires in the area of spirituality?



The Mental area of life includes the relationship you and parts of you have toward your intelligence, knowledge, non-duality, wisdom, and mental-based intuition.
3D: Your 3D Self is conditioned in a big way by the educational system that you engage with from a young age. The public educational system is focused on academic achievement and mental development, which over-develops the left brain thinking over the right brain, which is more about intuitive thinking. Thinking over feeling is usually the focus, especially in males and masculine-feeling energies in women. Thinking can be used to suppress emotions, intuition, and spirituality. There can be a strong self image and identity related to mental intelligence which covers over core unworthiness. Lack of relationality usually comes in with high intelligence as core disconnect goes unhealed. The mind dominates your 3D Self as you are fused to it and think it is what you are. You can be slave to your thoughts and they tend to be polarized to either positive or negative most of the time, with most leaning towards negativity (depending on what your parental templating was.) You may have ‘busy mind’ with cluttered thinking, inability to multitask or hyper-tasking, short attention spans or inability to focus, etc. Rationality can block intuitive thinking and creativity with a high need to have things ‘proven as real’, especially by science, data or facts.
4D: Your 4D Self is shifting from mostly left brain thinking to right brain thinking. More opening of right brain leads to more intuition and creativity, more capacity to grasp the bigger picture and deeper context. More ‘open mindedness’ and less rigid thinking.  More trust that something is true if it feels true rather than needing everything to be proven through facts. More trust in personal experience over data. As your soul consciousness awakens, your mental capacities shift from just the mind to something much deeper and start integrating with the awakening heart-based consciousness. Thinking mixed with feeling is developing and balancing more naturally. Thinking is more clear and, with meditation and other processes, there are less cluttered thoughts, scattered thinking, and busy mind. You may be able to focus for longer periods of time on activities, especially ones that are directly connected to your soul purpose and soul gift expression. You are consciously tracking your thoughts and reframing negativity by being with and feeling the parts of you that hold onto these filters. The upper 4D Self is having tastes of non-dual awakenings and loosenings of the mental filters of life.
5D: Your 5D Self is in deep partnership with your mental capacities, which are following behind your heart-based intuition. Your mind is looser, with fewer mental grids to filter reality through. Experiences of the non-dual nature of reality are happening more and more as your mind relaxes and lets go of its tight rein on your consciousness. Integration of soul aspects with sagely access to these frequencies infuse your 5D Self to remember the non-dual aspect of reality. Your 5D Self is curious and wants to learn, is always a student, yet the learning is not attached to or used to build up a self image. Learning comes primarily through experiences and remembering and integrating your soul’s knowledge and wisdom in balance with your open heart.


Questions For You:


How did you locate yourself related to the mental area of life – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the mental area?

What are your desires in the mental area?



The Social area of life includes the relationship you and parts of you have to birth and soul family, friendships, romantic mateships, Ethereal Guides, and Star BEings.

Your 3D Self receives your main conditioning related to the social area of life from your birth family culture and educational social experiences. Your family conditioning runs particularly deep in this area as it is the practice ground for all of your relationality and impacts you hugely to the degree its influence is unconscious to you. The ‘role’ that you play in your family forms into a key subpersonality in your 3D Self, especially related to the order you were born compared to your siblings (oldest child, middle child, youngest child, or only child). Your relationships with your siblings, both same gender and opposite gender, impacts the way that you relate with others and parts of you form based on these relationships depending on their impact and influence on you. The relationship grounds tend to be codependent with subconscious agreements to ‘love each other no matter what’ and without healthy boundary setting. Your 3D Self romantic relationships are more about hooking up in codependence between 3D Self parts and karmic binds from other lifetimes/Metasoul Aspects (that are still happening) than about transaction of love frequencies in the moment.
4D: When you are being led by your 4D Self, you are consciously asking questions about yourself, your soul purpose, what you really want in and from relationships. You are looking around with an opening heart and curious soul, wondering if the people currently in your life can come along. You start testing the grounds of these relationships to see if they sustain or if they run out of room to move. You may find that others, even beloveds, are not awakening in the same way that you are. You begin to realize that their journey is different from yours. Your needs are changing as you are changing and awakening. You go through a push-pull with others, perhaps even tugging on them to come with you. Perhaps they tug on you to remain the same. Yet, at some point, you probably realize that you cannot change them, only invite them to come along. And if they don’t, you reach a place where you have to let go and trust the deeper love that exists at the core of all relationships. As you transition into fourth dimensional consciousness and awakening, it begins to become a priority to heal yourself, to love yourself, to mate with yourself first and foremost. You woo yourself, date yourself, give yourself what your previous partners couldn’t. You connect with the aspects of you that need parental love, your Inner Child, your Inner Teenager. You find and draw resources outside of yourself to help with this healing of self. You find and draw a soul family community to help with this healing and loving of self. You discover union within, the masculine and feminine inside, and heal the drifts and splits that exist there.

As you become more of your 4D Self, you may draw a new mateship based on heart, soul, and body connection, a more true Sacred Union. This union feels both familiar and also is stunning in the new avenues and vistas that it opens up in you. You are creating inner safety first and foremost, so it feels safer to be vulnerable in this new bond. You are able to express your sexuality more fully as you are opening up sexuality inside of yourself and feeling more and more your own desirability. You may also have a phase of lower 4D relationships where karmic binds and codependent ties/binds are being worked on consciously. These relationships teach you, serve as a mirror, yet ultimately complete as you outgrow the grounds of previous transactability.

5D: As you move into 5D consciousness, your relationships deepen and you feel at a fundamental level how everyone is YOU and YOU are them. Previous triggers and reactions, competitive feelings or comparisons are dropped. You are in the moment in your relationships and you are current with whatever reactions or feelings may still come up. You feel moved by the beauty that is every sacred human, wherever their ‘level’ of consciousness is. If you have signed up to experience a deep soul mate union to assist with your expression of your soul gifts and serving love, your 5D Self energies will draw this mateship to you. You are discerning about who you want to be in relationship with and probably have fewer intimates than many acquaintances with strong soul resonance forming the main ground of connection. Your 5D Self is discerning about the energies that you take in and are involved with, inviting others to be in your higher vibrational frequency with you rather than lower yours to make them comfortable. And your heart and soul are a beacon drawing others to you as you step into your soul bigness and your gift expression and the reason that you came here this life.

Questions For You:


How did you locate yourself related to the social area of life – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the social area?

What are your desires in the social area?



The Physical area of life includes the relationship you and parts of you have to your physical body, your health, your nutrition, your sexual desirability and expression.
3D: Your 3D Self has been conditioned to believe that it IS the physical body. The five senses are the main way of filtering reality and everything is related to in a physical way with only the physical being ‘real’. The 3D Self is often disconnected from deeper embodiment and care of the body in terms of physical health and nutrition due mostly to unfelt emotional congestion in the emotional body. This disconnection can lead to poor nutritional choices, lack of physical activity, suffering loops around weight and poor body image, and a sense of not being physically and sexually desirable. Sexual desire may be low along with orgasmic capacity. As a woman, your physical energy may be mostly masculine in nature as there can be a deep fusion with a masculine Inner Protector or Inner Punisher (or both) energy related to your physicality and sexuality.
Your 3D Self may use food as a drug to numb painful emotions or as ‘comfort food’ (along with other comforts to soothe emotions, such as nicotine for anxiety and alcohol for depression). You may also become obsessed with nutrition and part of you can become hyper vigilant about diet and exercise, stuck fusions with your Inner Punisher that push up suffering loops of self criticism related to your body image. The way you feel about your body is hugely influenced by family and social conditioning. Often the way you feel about your physical appearance can be linked to your same gender parent and the templating you received there. Your 3D Self is conditioned to allopathic or mainstream medicine with trust in pharmaceutical solutions. It is the pain body in your 3D Self that draws disease, injuries, and illness.
4D: Your 4D Self is awakening to life beyond the body and experiences beyond the five senses. You are becoming more sensitive and attuned to energy and the sense that you are energy, not actually physical at all. You are also perhaps becoming aware or seeing the light or crystalline body or even experiencing symptoms from the process of Ascension from a carbon-based to a crystalline body. You are connecting your physical health to your emotional, spiritual, and energetic (aural and chakral) health. Even as you are separating from the 'body only' picture, you are devoted to keeping the Ascension vessel that your body is, in good health, good nutrition, and healthy body weight (whatever that is for you.) 

As you are healing deeper layers of core unworthiness held in parts of you, you are feeling more sense of your desirability, sexuality, and what we call your ‘love body’ arises. You form a connection and communication with your love body in the sense of a deeper intuitive understanding of what foods your body most wants and needs and the emotional and spiritual reasons why you might draw illness, injury or disease. You seek out holistic, homeopathic, and alternative resources to help you with body health and nutrition, body healing work, energy work, etc. and if you experience an injury or illness. You may use yoga or Qigong or other body-based processes to connect to your spirituality and soul aspects. Your sexuality is expanding from a body-based, genital-based experience into one with more frequencies of chakra connection, energy movements (such as Kundalini), and other lifetime connection- Metasoul frequencies.
5D: Your 5D Self is embodied within your love body frequencies with a strong sense of self worth, self care, and self desirability related to your physicality. Your body is shifting from carbon-based to crystalline-based light body. Your crystalline-based body is sensitive to the foods and activities that you engage in and you may go through periods of fasting, cleansing, being vegetarian/vegan, mostly raw diet, etc. You can feel the life force energies of the foods that you eat in addition to the energy of those that prepare food for you, so you are particular about what you eat and where. You follow mostly your inner authority around your physical health and well being and are vibrating at a high enough level that lower density disease, injury, and illness is not drawn to you. Your body is a vessel for your experience of yourself as Infinite Love.....beloved, cared for, inhabited, and expanded.


Questions For You:


How did you locate yourself related to the physical area of life – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the physical area?

What are your desires in the physical area?



The Financial area of life includes the relationship you and parts of you have to money, material wealth, abundance, livelihood, soul purpose expression and purpose.
3D: The conditioning that your 3D Self receives around money is a materialistic, capitalistic worldview where accumulation of wealth is valued, often over all else. Money is seen as the primary motivation for work exchange. Emphasis is placed on finding a ‘good career that pays well’ and the educational system can support this conditioning as well. How your 3D Self feels about money is connected to the templating you received from your birth family. High anxiety frequencies can connect to the perceived sense of lack or scarcity around money and money flow, even if it is abundant. Money subconsciously represents love to the 3D Self so the perception of abundance or scarcity is connected to the deeper emotional woundings of the 3D Self. As a 3D Self, you are likely to be doing a job or career that you do not like or that ‘pays the bills’ but is not connected to your deeper soul passion. This decision usually connects back to unhealed unworthiness in the 3D emotional body.
4D: Your 4D Self is awakening to the illusion of money that 3D conditioning offered to you. You are feeling how money is an energy flow, an ‘idea’ that is actually neutral once the emotional projections have been healed around it. You become attracted to and engaged in gift exchange with others, choosing to use alternative currencies when you can with others in resonance with you. As a 4D Self, you are transitioning to earning your livelihood from sharing your soul gifts and serving love. If you do need to do something else to 'earn money', it is usually connected to your soul gifts in some way as you are not drawn to suffering as you move into upper 4D consciousness. You are shifting from focus on material gain to spiritual gain, even as you have desires and needs associated with a personal ‘bounty’ that reflects the increasing goodness you are feeling about yourself and about life. You will probably  go through some ups and downs, completions and endings related to money during your lower 4D journey, such as needing to declare personal bankruptcy, being audited, losing a business or dissolving a business partnership, seeking new opportunities, and temporarily greatly reducing your personal income as you shift to your soul purpose work providing your livelihood.
5D: Your 5D Self feels the illusion of money and has separated from the need for material gain as the primary goal of life. Your 5D Self relates to abundance as an energy that originates from within, rather than something ‘gifted’ from the external world. Your definition of abundance is not about material wealth, although wealth is welcomed if that serves your soul purpose and capacity to serve love to others. True wealth comes from a visceral sense of your innate goodness and intimate union with others and the Divine. You no longer feel entitled to money or material wealth and are deeply grateful for the blessings and synchronicities that come your way as you share more and more of your soul gifts. You give within exchanges based on good will and resonant ground and you receive with and from the same energy. You don’t have anxiety about if your needs will be taken care of as you trust the Universe that lives within you and outside of you to provide for you. As you vibrate more and more with the frequency of Infinite Love, you feel every moment for the Infinite Possibilities that it offers related to receiving and giving abundance that goes much beyond material wealth.


Questions For You:


How did you locate yourself related to the financial area of life – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the financial area?

What are your desires in the financial area?



The environmental area of life includes the relationship you have to your physical surroundings, geography, global and galactic environment, the natural world, and animals.

3D: It has been necessary for your 3D Self to have certain denser frequencies in order to fit in and survive third dimensional reality. These densities can lead to a screening out or filtering or numbing down of the impact of the environment around you or awareness about what is happening in the larger global environment. Your 3D Self has learned to adapt in environments that may be toxic in different ways or at least lower your vibrational frequency rather than raise it. You may be consciously suffering over or dislike your current geography, yet are ‘living with it’ somehow. The 3D Self is less impacted and sensitive to sounds, smells, energies in your environment and less aware of how you impact others around you. You may have some intellectual awareness about what is happening with Gaia’s environment and your personal impact on the earth, yet may feel not much motivation to change your lifestyle around it or advocate for change. You may feel connected to animals yet may not yet be aware of the telepathic and visual communication that is possible with animals or how sensitive they are to energy. Your 3D Self can find solace in nature, glimpses of soul tones, yet it may still feel like nature is ‘outside’ of you and something to visit as a physical space more than an internalized reality.
4D: As you are raising your frequencies into 4D, your 4D Self becomes much more aware of the impact of the environment around you. You are becoming more and more sensitive to sounds, smells, and energies around you. You are sensitive to the energy of places and geographies and are transitioning to choices that are more in alignment with the vibrational frequency that you feel within you. You are drawn to be around nature or near the ocean or mountains, wherever you can connect with your soul. You are aware of your impact on the earth and are becoming aware of environmental issues and causes. You may go through a phase of becoming very concerned about collapse of the 3D world and of climate change and other environmental issues. And your 4D Self can become self righteous and angry too, needing to protest against the 3D conditioning you received. You have a deepening relationship with animals and feel them to be conscious beings who can be communicated with telepathically and you may align your soul purpose with healing and communicating with animals. You may also decide, based on this communion with animals, to become a vegetarian or vegan (and to raise your vibrational frequency). You use crystals and stones to add to your healing and increase your frequency, becoming personally connected to their energy.
5D: Your 5D Self is connected deeply to animals, nature, and Gaia as a consciousness. Gaia is a living, feminine consciousness that you can also feel inside of you, along with the entire Universe. You can connect with Gaia through many ways and need time with and in nature to feel the bigger context of life. Your environment supports your vibrational frequency and is as beautiful as you are and feel. You choose to be in areas of high energy, near ley lines, or bodies of water or mountains. You prefer to be in communities with people that are resonant in soul frequencies with you and the same vibrational frequencies as yours. Your connection to animals brings you much joy and healing and you feel how you can not ‘own’ a ‘pet’ but rather experience the deeper connection and communion that occurs when an animal agrees to be your companion. You are connected to minerals and stones, using them regularly and with reverence. Your inner environment is very expansive and you have access to multidimensions, parallel universes, galaxies, heavens, the Akashic Records, and many other ‘places’.

Questions For You:


How did you locate yourself related to the environmental area of life – as primarily a 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness and why?

What are your frustrations in the environmental area?

What are your desires in the environmental area?

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