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"In our separateness, our forgetting, our veiled consciousness, then it can seem as if things outside of us can be against us. And even within, we feel the greatest battle of all from one aspect of us to another...either forgotten, buried, suppressed, or ignored by us.

As we remember our Unity, our togetherness, our Oneness within, as we collect the fragments and scatters and pieces of ourselves and they arise together in crystalline form held by our hearts, our souls, and our Divine Self...then, do we remember our wholeness and experience that anything outside of us originates within and Love becomes the only response."

Jelelle Awen, Free To Be 5D


Service, Story and Community Vision

This is a time of humanity’s Great Awakening out of the lower dimensional 3D traps, suffering cycles, and incarnational/karmic loops experienced for so many lifetimes…and into remembrance of our higher dimensional essence as love, as light, as joy, as goodness, as the Divine IN our bodies.

This is a time of so much support being available through cosmic downloads/upgrades, reunion with soul and galactic family, conscious relationships with our Divine counterparts, and living in a resonant soul family community with a shared consciousness.

This is a time of catalytic transformation and moving into service of love on all levels, firstly to self and then in overflow to others.

This is a time that we have all been waiting for, preparing for, and ultimately why so many awakening, advanced souls incarnated into the Earth Plane this life!

However, so many awakening souls experience that there is actually more suffering that comes up in response to the therapeutic and spiritual activations/practice/therapies that they are engaging in as they move out of 3D mainstream consciousness and into 4D (soul consciousness). Suffering comes up as differences between you and others socially (esp. in birth families) and in romantic relationships, becomes even more conflictual, and difficult with karmic patterns from other lifetimes bleeding through, plus ancestral and family wounds being triggered.

Your emotional states and reactions often become more erratic and unpredictable, with periods of heaviness and depression as the emotional body and soul field starts to release traumas for this life and other lifetimes into your awareness. Livelihood and survival become more challenging as previous careers and ways of earning fall away as they don’t hold your desire and interest anymore. Your physical body goes through many purges, clearings and detoxes as it can no longer tolerate the processed, toxic, and dense food of 3D reality.

Rather than embracing and compassionately responding to this suffering as a portal to self discovery with curiosity and compassion, many spiritual practices and seekers instead want to bypass, transcend, or fix it... seeking more and more peak experiences through plant medicines that can cause more trauma and difficulty in integrating. Or by being with false light/false god gurus who have unacknowledged shadow playouts that recapitulate soul wounds. Or by becoming certified in modalities that are mentally based, not embodied, and not truly able to answer the daily suffering that parts of you may be experiencing. 

At Divine Self Embodiment, we have discovered through our own awakening process and serving many souls over the years, that the embodied remembrance process of your Divinity happens most organically, deeply, smoothly and even most efficiently not by bypassing the human experience of being in these lower densities through various ‘drugs’, diversions, spiritual practices/attainments, outsourcing our own healing/leadership/autonomy or by acting as a lone wolf through it all.

Yet, rather, by embracing, feeling, validating, and accepting ALL human parts of us (especially those in shadow/rejected/disowned) and soul aspects in other timelines (especially those most in need of forgiveness, acceptance, healing) who offer bridges and portals of healing, soul gift exchange, and activations within a container offering clean leadership/templating, plus soul family community connection and support.

The Divine Self Embodiment (DSE) process has organically evolved over the years through the experience of co-creators and teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen individually and as a couple in deep, intimate and committed sacred union partnership together for over fifteen years. It is our way of life and consciousness for which we transact alive goodness and intimacy deepening with each other, individually, and as a soul family community. From the moment we came together, we felt a Divine calling to share and serve from the overflow of our love. Since 2012, we have served hundreds of souls remotely and increasingly here in Central Portugal/Ancient Lusitania/New Earth/’Port of Grail’ frequencies with soul family beloveds.

Along the way, we’ve been inspired by and engaged deeply with some other modalities, yet the DSE Process is completely unique in its design, implementation, and results as downloaded by our unique Divine soul pairbond. This process is based on and responds to what we are currently seeing and feeling most frequently as the needs, desires, frustrations and interests for those on the Ascension path in a cutting edge way that responds to the latest events in humanity's evolution. In offering this process path through Divine Self Embodiment, we honor that each soul's experience is unique while providing a means to navigate the murky grounds of awakening with some safety 'heart rails' offered by the process.

Divine Union transmissions have been coming through us more in the last couple of years through sound healings with our 432HZ crystal sound bowls, along with toning/singing/light language that goes beyond the mind/ego to create response and recoding at cellular/energy/emotional levels. We've also been guided to transparently share our story and experiences through books, videos, and blog/social media posts as a living example of this process and offer a template of an ongoing sacred union exploration and community.

Remote and in-person sessions offer ongoing initiations with DSE Facilitators into this way of life with your soul sovereignly leading the way in collaboration with your Inner Protector/Gatekeeper (inner defenses). The process encourages you to hold parts of yourself and their reactions/discoveries/digestions outside of session space as well, in your daily life, with a deepening sense of their inner world coming alive for you and Divine Self Embodiment truly becoming your way of life in a sovereign and natural way.

We also feel that soul family community is an essential source of support during the awakening and healing journey. Our greatest woundings happened in relationship and heal in relationship. We offer various community engagement events, both online and in-person here in Central Portugal, to support individuals and couples in connecting with others on a similar path. Our events include monthly virtual group transmission calls for men and women/women only; plus multi-day Gathering retreats on every Equinox/Solstice, and sound healing/meditation evenings at our home in Central Portugal.

It is unknown to us how many souls have truly signed up for this depth of processing, accountability, purity, transparency, emotional maturity, and embodiment of Divine love in this life at the deeper levels that this process offers. We remain dedicated to seeding this way of life into humanity's consciousness grids even as we are unattached to the ultimate outcome or measurable achievement. Our mission is to continue embodying this New Earth/Lemurian/Magdalene higher consciousness as a way of life and to offer support and healing transmissions as seeds for our soul family lineage to harvest now and for future generations.

Thank you for feeling into if the Divine Self Embodiment process calls to you as your going on place at this time,


Raphael and Jelelle Awen 

Our Story

We, Raphael and Jelelle Awen, met in an emotional and spiritual healing group that was based in Ashland, Oregon in 2004, which is where we originally learned about and experienced parts/subpersonality process work and the importance of awakening/maturing your emotional body. After many awakenings and deep emotional healing and a few years of Jelelle being a Facilitator and Raphael doing regular sessions and Men's Groups with this group, we began dating in July, 2008.

We left the group together at this time, experiencing a painful exit and intense dark night of the soul together, just as we were also in pairbond/soulmate reunion bliss. We were married in March, 2009 after moving from California to Vancouver, Canada.

We share the story of the early years before and after we came together in our book Under The Bloated Banyan: From False Light To True Love, now available in PDF, print, and e-book versions. Two more books sharing our journey together are planned to be written and released over the next two years. 

We always had the sense that we were meant to share the intimacy we experienced together as a couple with others as the overflow of Divine love and pairbond reunion offered such powerful healing for us. We didn't feel to have children in the physical together, although we have lovingly raised/mentored Jelelle's daughter Raianna since she was a teenager. We have instead birthed a healing offering with the community of our coupleship that expanded out to others.

We began offering space holding and spiritual teaching about parts work, Divine Feminine and Masculine connection starting in 2010 as these grounds of awakening opened up within us in our sacred union. SoulFullHeart was born in 2012 with initial involvement from Gabriel Amara (Jelelle’s first husband) and Kasha Rokshana as facilitants/students and as Facilitators.

​We eventually moved from Canada to Mexico in 2014 as a community, following Divine guidance to go experience living on a remote, off-grid ranch to live more simply and deconstruct our 3D-based money earning as painting contractors/business owners. We grew many organic vegetables and also experimented in natural building while we were on the ranch. We experienced many non-dual and Divine Oneness awakenings while on the ranch, which Jelelle shares about in her book Keep Waking Up!

In summer of 2016, we were guided as a community to move into the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to offer SoulFullHeart more easily online through sessions and sharings on social media. We have been offering our writings, videos, group calls, sessions, and retreats/gatherings virtually and in person to hundreds of souls with increasing resonant response and exposure since then.

​Raianna Shai, Gabriel and Jelelle's daughter from their former marriage, joined the SoulFullHeart community in July, 2017 as a facilitant and also as collaborator. From October 2018 until September 2020, we were all called to move back to the Pacific Northwest in Victoria, Canada to connect with the awakening corridor of souls along the New Lemurian coast there and to ground in SoulFullHeart as a local offering along with virtual/remote offerings. We did many virtual and in-person sessions there, meditation circles, a video and group call series, and a four-day gathering event as well while we lived in Victoria.

In September, 2020, Raphael, Jelelle, Gabriel, and Kasha were guided to move to Glastonbury UK (Avalon) while Raianna stayed in Victoria with her partner Jasper Meadows. We were in the UK for ten months and experienced deep activations and integrations connecting to the Heart Chakra energies of Gaia here and the Mary/Michael energy lines. We were then felt to leave the UK for the mountain and river valleys of Portugal to seed our Community vision of NuMu here (more below).

We have been living here as a community in close proximity to each other since July, 2021. Gabriel left the community in February, 2023 to follow his own life path. Raianna Shai left Victoria and rejoined us here as a community member in Portugal since October, 2021. Her beloved partner, Jasper, rejoined us to live with her and be in community with us in March, 2024. 

We have been settled now in Central Portugal for over two years, in a cozy village town called Folques and surrounding villages, nestled into beautiful mountains and river valleys. There are strong Marian energies of Mother Mary/Queen in these lands, with a long and rich tradition of Divine Feminine worship and visitation happening here, (including at the nearby famous town of Fatima where Mary appeared multiple times to offer messages and guidance.) The nearby magical portal in Inner Earth of Fraga Da Pena and many other natural settings are precious to us, supporting why we are drawn to continue to settle deeper here in Central Portugal.

In 2024, we received the inspiration to change our offering name from SoulFullHeart to Divine Self Embodiment, which felt like it reflected more of an upgraded sense of our service in the world in this next phase. Our intentions are to expand and grow Divine Self Embodiment in ways that reach more of those souls who are ready and desirous of embodying this way of life and consciousness. We are seeing an expansion in remote 1:1 sessions to allow other community members to move into the role of Facilitators; more masculine draw with 1:1 sessions with Raphael including in the physical and eventual offering of virtual/in person men’s groups; increase of participants in local events; and more souls visiting us here in Portugal for immersion visits.


Our Vision

For many years, we have received the vision of creating a sustainable community in the physical to provide a space for the community that we are and have been living in together since 2012. In Mexico, our experience of living off-grid in a very remote ranch there was both illuminating, sobering, and ultimately, didn't feel resonant or in flow with us at that time. What living there did offer us was a sense of the magic that can be created when you dedicate your efforts, passion, and creativity into Gaia and living in synch with Her.

Since leaving the ranch, we have lived in various rental places that have ranged from very simple (including a time living in a tent for three months) to high-end, modern large homes. In all of these physical spaces, we have infused our spiritual energy, loved and cared for them, and truly inhabited them for whatever length of time we spent there. Yet, we haven't felt guided to purchase anything yet as it hasn't felt like the right timing, place or resources.

The vision of the sustainable community in nature became even more clear when we were guided to move to Central Portugal. Jelelle was shown a mountain valley with a river running through it with very clear and healing water. When we landed here in this area, it was a series of synchs that came together in a very easy and natural way and this was the exact geography she had been shown.

Now that we've been here for over two years, it is becoming clearer why we were guided to this "Port Of Grail" natural setting where New Earth energies are being seeded by many awakening souls who come here from all over the world with their efforts being watered from 'below' by Inner Earth Lemuria. This was also a beloved geography for the Magdalene family line and consciousness with strong Divine Feminine frequencies combined with Templar protectors of the Divine Feminine and Lusitania/ancient celts. 

Raphael and Jelelle's Lemurian aspects offered many years ago when we were still living in Canada that we would be creating a "NuMu" community or New Lemuria on the Earth’s surface. Our awakening experiences of life in Lemuria would provide the template of what NuMu could look and feel like, even in the transition out of 3D that we are currently going through.

NuMu is birthed within us first as we remember and connect to how it was in Lemuria before it eventually collapsed some 26,000 years ago and how it is still being lived inside the Earth’s core. We are living it together as a small community, even before the full physical manifestation of it. It is this 'living into it' that is the most important aspect of manifestation. The physical expression follows the essence embodiment is another way of saying it.

The vision for NuMu is for a generously spacious amount of land that has a river running through it or very near it, trees all around, and is nestled on the side of a mountain valley. There is a main building for community gatherings, meals, and social, plus those who wish to live more 'dorm style' for a time to experience that. A dome-shaped building with many windows is a short walk from this building through a path in the woods where healing circles, groups, yoga, and sacred Divine Self Embodiment gatherings are held.

Natural paths off of these buildings lead to community member houses, which are a range of natural buildings to yurts and bell tents to small cottages. Each person/couple has their own lodging which allows them to live in sovereignty and have personal space. Raphael and Jelelle live a short walk away through the woods in a two bedroom cottage which is a combination of both natural building and modern convenience. They provide a stable, steady leadership, vision, and mostly are the spiritual center and heart anchor for the community, yet certainly not the gurus or tyrants or 'rulers' in the old paradigm way.

The energy of the community is one of intimacy, transparency, currency (meaning not hiding things), flow, depth, and meaning to everything. This is what we experience now in our small community, so it is not difficult to sense it expanding on a bigger scale. Unifying NuMu is our shared way of life, resonant values, and desire for growth and realness that is grounded in the Divine Self Embodiment process. Sacred living, not scared living. Money flows through the community and members may earn and have their own means, yet also contribute to the community in ways that are meaningful for them. All of this is negotiated openly with no one feeling taken advantage of (or if parts of them do, it is felt in the open!)

We are not concerned in the moment with 'how' this vision will manifest into the physical as we trust Divine timing, synchs, and connections will bring it forward. It is already in our field, so it just a matter of 'time' before it comes into the physical. We are called to share this vision, to invite others to feel it for themselves starting from within and if they are drawn to alchemize with us, we can all then play together!


'Message from the Magdalenes -
You, golden one... In a world of so much black and white.

You offer light... and we see you

even when you are surrounded by darkness.


You, pure one... In a world of so much fakery
Your realness emanates and we feel you

even when others have felt threatened.


You, brave one... In a world of so much conformity

Your truth speaks and we hear you

even when it feels like no one else can.

You, loving one... In a world of so much hatred and fear

Your heart beacons out...

and we claim you over and over again as your family.



The Magdalenes W/Jelelle"


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