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This path of awakening, growth, intimacy, and ascension was not one that I could honestly say was in my conscious awareness much before I was 35. I did have my third-eye opened in college from some drug experiences which led me down a more philosophical and metaphysical exploration. However, even with a desire for more spiritual understanding and visceral experiences, my emotional body was a mess (I say that with love now). 


I had a lot of depression and anxiety in my field since my early teenage years. I turned to alcohol, smoking, drugs, and sex to assuage the pain from within. I eventually met Jelelle in college and we found a soul connection between us that turned into an eventual marriage and the birth of a daughter. We found our paths diverging many years later and completed our union with a lot of care and respect intact. 


I dove back into 3D a bit more while she was going into emoto-spiritual healing. From our continued connection and co-parenting of our daughter, I found myself very interested in this idea of ‘parts’. It just seemed to make sense to me. I began to work with someone but did not last long as I found myself in a deeper experience of life through a DUI which changed my life. I realized at that point that it was time to really take a look at what was going on ‘under the hood’ and in my heart. 


My daughter moved to Canada to be with Jelelle and I found myself exposed to my inner elements without anything to show up for. I was faced with myself and so began to go in. It took some time for me to really get into the need for deep shadow work as I knew there would be a lot to look at and feel. It led to a need to take a break so that I could really decide if I wanted to take the ‘red pill’ of emotional and spiritual healing that was catalytic yet challenging. 


A year later, I went back in and found myself on an 8-year journey that has been quite a rebirth for me as I have felt frequencies of being a ‘tortured soul’. I have had a few Dark Night experiences that have taken me to the depths of my fears, desires, needs, and soul history. I continue to this day but more focused on intimacy and galactic activations and contact. 


I experienced a sacred romance/marriage with SoulFullHeart Facilitator Kalayna Solais. In our time together, I learned a lot about who I was as a man and a lot of the projections and wounds that could only come up in such a catalytic way during intimacy and romance with another person. Even though we have completed that part of our connection, we have cleared so much because of this process to be able to witness and relate to each other in a much more authentic and loving way than we ever have. 


I have worked a lot with my inner feminine/masculine, inner child, inner teenager, mother, father, Punisher, Protector, Gatekeeper, and Metasoul/Galactic aspects from multiple timelines. I have been to many places within and have learned to hold compassionate space for myself which has served to hold space for others.



Very Clear Presence, Compassion, Fellowship and a Safe Masculine Space

"Gabriel has been such a GOD-SEND! Some heavy emotions around past trauma were resurfacing and I was lead to SoulFullHeart, and to Gabriel. 


Being a healer myself, I have gone through many trainings – Reiki, hypnosis, and many other modalities – and I can say, I have seen a dramatic shift in my energy in just 1-90 minute session with this Metasoul parts work. 


This parts work that I’ve delved into with Gabriel has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new way of seeing my life. I’ve met parts of myself that I never knew were there and with Gabriel’s precise and powerful guidance, I’ve felt such big shifts and integration of those parts. I am just starting this miraculous journey of meeting my inner parts (Inner Teenager, Inner Child, Inner Protector), but I can already see the huge benefits of it. The sacred space that is opened to feel into is so precious to my inner child, who just wanted to be seen, acknowledged, and felt. 


I have also been receiving huge downloads related to my life’s mission as a result of this clearing…and again, it’s only been one session! 


I would describe Gabriel as a sacred masculine guide who deeply feels and intuits your experience in the most beautiful way. I have felt held, safe, and as though I needed this experience with a masculine figure to recalibrate my past experiences with toxic masculine men. 


I’d recommend working with Gabriel if you are being drawn to heal aspects of yourself to become more fully integrated into your authentic, 5D expression. He is a gem! As is the rest of the SoulFullHeart community!"

Christina, Pennsylvannia

Gracious Understanding And Support

- Rose

"Thank you for your gracious understanding and support Gabriel. I believe we were meant to connect and I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all your time and kindness. I wish I were better with words so you could know the full expression of my appreciation for everything you did for me. You definitely are living your calling."

Very Clear Presence, Compassion, Fellowship and a Safe Masculine Space

"I am so grateful to have met Gabriel and for my guidance that lead me to the SoulfullHeart folks.

My journey these last 7 years was so intense and complex, I’ve been praying to find someone who has the wisdom, capacity and experience to relate and comprehend it enough to work with me, in a deeply transformational way. I was anxious before the call and that quickly softened as I felt Gabriel’s very clear presence, compassion, fellowship and the safe masculine space he holds.

After only a short time of sharing he was able to help me identify aspects of my gatekeeper and protector that have been currently activated, and now I can build a relationship with them. Gabriel's feedback clearly comes from deep listening, to his client and to his own deepest self. I felt seen, and seen through, safely with great compassionate understanding. What I’m feeling is so special about this work is how embodied it is. Looking forward to working with you Gabriel!


Gives Others Permission To Go Deep

- Monica

"I believe that we should share people who we know do good work, especially as we all further awaken and find those that can help us elevate. I love working with others in assisting transformation and healing. It is my honor and my calling. And I know when another practitioner is skilled and artful. There is a right match for everyone. I have experienced Gabriel's work and he is one such facilitator. He is genuine and truly a man of heart. The depth of his personal process, vulnerability and authenticity are awe inspiring. He brings all of that with him in session and it gives others the permission to go deep and do the same. He holds space to allow and meet both the Shadow and the Light with equal compassion, and celebration. That is healing.  If you feel drawn, get a session."


Sessions with Gabriel

1:1 Sessions

Are you having some sense of confusion, lostness, and overwhelm? Are you wanting/needing more clarity and a NEW perspective on your own process as a man? There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening in this Now. 


A 1:1 session with Gabriel for men or women offers a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your process, locate where you currently ARE, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation. 1:1 sessions are $130 CAD for 90 minutes over Zoom or in person in Glastonbury, UK and can be purchased at our shop or via paypal.


Connecting With The Inner Protector:

Guided Meditation With Gabriel

SoulFullHeart Facilitator Gabriel Amara introduces the Inner Protector for men. In this video he describes how the Inner Protector is formed and how it keeps men from fully embodying and manifesting their deepest gifts, relationships, and higher timelines. It is about a curious connection and relationship to this part of the emotional body and not about judging or trying to fix or eliminate.


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A Message From Our Other Now

The Time Is Only Ever Now (A 1/11 Poem)

The Mourning Dove's Song

I am here keeping your place warm and ready for your arrival.
The place you live already and yet are still making your way to

It is an ever-changing journey really
No real end
Just an ever-increasing gift of experience

These arising waves of Love’s vibrations
Sensations that pale in comparison
To the ones you chose to leave behind
In order to make room for more

You are a truly remarkable being...

Timelines may fall like ribbons in a parade of Divine goodness
Or they may burn up like rolls of film
In the darkroom of what we had been afraid to feel
Each one holding its own significance of grace and reverence
What is felt like an apocalypse one day is a graduation the next

The tired wrappings of your heart and soul’s protection
Are withering in the glow of the New Dawn arising in your direction
Turn and face the shadows
In order to see where the light is coming from
It is not an issue of too late, but...

Listen to the breeze for in it speaks your heart

The angelic voice of your heavenly home

And the breath of the passion that stokes your wayward climb


In the silence of the air there is a stillness

A pregnant pause to feel what is about to be released

What needs to let go of in order to fly


In the vastness of your forgotten...


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