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Hello, I’m Raphael. Thank you for reading my bio. 

You might not be sure about what exactly you are looking for as much as you know quite well that you are looking for something. The awareness of that need and the willingness to admit it to yourself and your world is, I feel, a big ready portal into your next steps of your journey - the one you came here to fulfill. 


I feel that something can only be discovered as you courageously go inward on a sacred quest embracing all that you are. I assist men in taking that journey because it is a profound and rewarding part of my own ongoing inward journey, that I feel called to, and find infinite meaning to show up for. 


The roles and the experiences you have had are all awaiting your digestion and new arising intentions, and the true ownership of your power, along with your vulnerability. 


This makes you of profound functional and transactional value to life and love, and to all you care about. Add that to the love that you already are, regardless of what you choose or don’t, and now you have a world changing recipe, that flows effortlessly from the inside out. 


I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to enter 1:1 session space together. There’s no packages or subscriptions to sign up for other than your own claim of your own calling and being. You get to self validate the process for yourself as you go, and I promise to hold you and your process with a curious open heart, and an open hand allowing you a space, rate and pace that feels right, and grace to allow you to stop or pause on sessions when that’s what’s needed. 





You can reach me at




Sessions have had an immediate, profound impact on my life

"Raphael certainly does offer powerful spaceholding sessions in which I have been able to meet various elements of myself and work with their incarnations - providing me with such blessings of invaluable insight and direction. My sessions with Raphael had an immediate profound impact on my life and my relationships. I am so grateful for him and all of you serving love at Soulfullheart!" -

Dave, Canada, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

There is deep deep gratitude to the Soulfulheart process, the facilitators and the community.
To be honest it took a while for me to tune into what amazing gifts Soulfulheart had to offer. It challenged me as a man to really connect with my vulnerability and to parts that had been neglected and ignored. But once the protective energy in me was met and communicated with true healing in the deepest sense started to happen.
This has involved me meeting with Raphael for the last year,who brings such warmth and wisdom giving trust for all of me to be welcomed in the space.

Hidden parts and emotions have been revealed in a loving space where I am able to in awareness share their truth, bringing so much healing. This has brought such confidence and clarity in my life, knowing that a lot of the time I can hold and communicate rather than be fused and lost in emotional processes.

Initially I felt a little judgemental that it was a feminine process with mainly a female community. But this process has brought a healthier relationship between my inner masculine and feminine in turn giving a much healthier masculine energy . This has led to increased confidence and sense of purpose. I feel more manly than ever before!
What is extraordinarily special about SoulFullHeart is that it feels very much a community. With regular online events and a portal to share, there is a supportive, cohesive and loving element to be found.

The facilitators Raphael, Jelelle, Kasha and Gabriel, are completely committed to their path. They bring an open heart to all."

- James, UK, SoulFullHeart Facilitant & Community Member

True Healing In The Deepest Sense...

Beautiful space for me to go within

"I have known and worked with Raphael as a friend, a mentor, and a facilitator for many years. He has consistently held space in a direct and caring capacity. He has an amazing ability to feel where my most immediate need is so that my parts and I can stay focused on the heart of what I moving through. His questions take all of me on a journey of curiosity and revelation that hit really important and tender places. Raphael also has an incredible gift of metaphor that teach as well as take me into a deeper understanding of what I want, need, and can create for myself. 

As a man, he has a lot of experience with his own process and his relationship to personal power, self-love, and to the feminine. It is a balanced mix of feeling and imagining. Raphael understands the core issues of our masculinity and its needs, wants, and desires. I have been so transmuted from within and continue to find new places within to unearth a new relationship to myself, to women, and to the world around me. His kind and compassionate heart, along with his wisdom, are ingredients that I have come to admire and be sacredly blessed by. I highly recommend a session with Raphael to feel where you may go within yourself as a man, a creator, a lover, and a king." - Aurius

"As a woman, I've experienced exquisite and heartful space holding from Raphael many times... There are so many pieces and parts inside of me that have been in pain and reaction to men and The Masculine in all sorts of ways, and having space held by Raphael has truly shifted so much in me around that... I highly value too where he has gone inside of himself and where he continues to go, grow, and heal. Always so much to be inspired by!" - Kasha

- Aurius Amara and Kasha Rokshana, SoulFullHeart Facilitators




1:1 Sessions

Are you having some sense of confusion, lostness, and overwhelm? Are you wanting/needing more clarity and a NEW perspective on your own process as a man? There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening in this Now. 


A 1:1 session with Raphael for men and women offers a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your process, locate where you currently ARE, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation. 1:1 sessions are $130 CAD for 90 minutes over Zoom or in person in Glastonbury, UK and can be purchased at our shop or via paypal.


Meet Your Inner Protector Guided Meditation

 with Raphael Awen

Your Inner Protector is your most loyal guard, who watches over your other parts and protects your 'inner castle' or essence. Conscious connection with this part/subpersonality of yourself allows for more openness to make life changes, letting in of ascension/awakening energies, opening of your heart, and access to other parts of you who need you! In this video, Raphael Awen leads you in a guided meditation to meet your Inner Protector and begin this precious connection. 

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In celebration of their Sacred Union today, Valentine's Day, SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator, Raphael Awen, shares from his overflowing heart about the process of drawing your beloved mate to you and offers a feeling sense of his own process in being in a sacred romance with Jelelle. He describes the sense of feeling the beloved inside and ways in which to be with the ache for a mate that you may be feeling today or any day. 

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Journal To The Demiurge

"I have been guided to undertake a journaling journey of an ambassadorship to connect with the Demiurge. The Demiurge is the Christian male ‘God’, who is also known as Jehovah or Yahweh in the Bible. Your reading and feeling this journey with me as it unfolds daily will create the vehicle of approach, kind of like signatures on a petition to gain audience with a King. Your participation along with mine, changes the journey, as well as the outcome."