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The journey of awakening and Ascension, moving from 3D consciousness to 4D and higher, of integrating the emotional body with your spirituality, is non-linear, spiraling, and ever deepening. Ascension from 3D consciousness to transitional 4D to 5D and higher invites you to embody your soul/Higher Self consciousness into your body.


Undigested traumas in your emotional body/psyche and unhealed karmic wounds from other lifetimes/timelines can anchor you to third dimensional (3D) consciousness. This anchoring of undigested trauma leads to emotional pain and suffering loops, physical disease/illness, toxic/ codependent relationships, stuckness around expressing

your soul purpose service of love here, and much more. In offering a process path through SoulFullHeart, we honor that each soul’s experience is unique while providing a means to navigate the murky grounds of awakening with some ‘heart rails’ offered by our process. 


SoulFullHeart is a highly catalytic, quantum healing process and paradigm that provides a direct and efficient way to digest these traumas and integrate, unify, and transmute your emotional body and soul field through connection with parts of yourself such as the Inner Protector, Inner Child, Inner Mother/Father, and more. You also experience conscious and meaningful connection with your Metasoul/other lifetime aspects for karmic healing, soul gift exchange, galactic consciousness awakenings, and quantum shifting of timeline outcomes. Your energetic body and chakras also receive an upgrade into light body frequencies with conscious connection to your Ascension chakras, dissolving of any objects/blocks with love, and collaboration with your Gatekeeper aspect to tune in.

The SoulFullHeart Process is the result of over fifteen years of personal process work, emotional and spiritual healing and Divine embodiment deepening reality for SoulFullHeart Co-Creators Raphael and Jelelle Awen with parts of ourselves, serving others in session space, and witnessing hundreds of souls engage in the process over the years. Along the way, we’ve been inspired by and engaged deeply with some other modalities, yet the SoulFullHeart Process is completely unique in its design and implementation. We offer a specific ‘how’; a definitive way and means to connect with, integrate, and heal the 3D conditioning that we have all received, navigate the often very challenging transitional 4D consciousness states, and embody more 5D consciousness/Higher Self. This process is based on what we have heard and felt most frequently as the needs, desires, frustrations and interests for those on the Ascension path.

SoulFullHeart offers an intense initiatory process into the way of life that we have lived daily for many years as a community. The 1:1 sessions provide the main means of initial initiation yet eventually you would be invited to immerse with us in a deeper way for a phase of time while living in proximity to us if you felt drawn to do so. We may then feel a mutual fit and desire to live together in community with us and to become a SoulFullHeart Facilitator yourself at some point.


SoulFullHeart is for those souls who are ready to go to their next level related to truly ending suffering patterns and into letting in love; have been consciously awakening for many years; unplugged from nearly all 3D Matrix realities (including birth family and other relationship entanglements, addictions, etc.), are drawn to the soul family lineage of the Essenes/Magdalenes/Avalon/Himalayan Yogis, etc., and are truly ready to make conscious choices that change their lives.


This process is not therapy or just another spiritual practice or healing modality. It truly offers an entirely new dimension in terms of experiencing yourself and reality. Once you begin the process and especially as you deepen it, your life will NOT remain the same. It is unknown to us how many souls have truly signed up for this depth of processing, accountability, purity, transparency, and embodiment of Divine love in this life at the deeper levels that this process offers. The sessions offer us as Facilitators the opportunity to feel into with you if you are truly ready for this...and resonant with it, and for you to explore that as well.


1:1 individual sessions are available virtually over zoom or with us here in Portugal. The process encourages you to hold parts of yourself and their reactions/discoveries/digestions outside of session space as well, with a deepening sense of their inner world coming alive for you and SoulFullHeart truly becoming your way of life. SoulFullHeart Facilitators currently offering 1:1 sessions are Jelelle Awen with women; Raphael Awen for men and women, Gabriel Amara for men & women, and Kasha Rokshana for women. 


SoulFullHeart invites you into the deepest terrain of your being...from your roots to your wings, from your childhood to past life incarnations, and offers transformational change at the most fundamental levels. Beyond a self improvement program, therapy, and most spiritual practices, SoulFullHeart offers negotiation with the parts of you who are in the most resistance and protection, which allows for deep layers of transformation, awakening, ascending, and remembering that which you really ARE as Infinite Love.

None of your intense feelings and the traumas that they are sourced from are bad or evil or negative....rather they are a portal....offering you an opening to endless discovery about yourself and soul as you move into wholeness unity again as a key aspect of the ongoing Ascension process!

We highly recommend reading Jelelle Awen's book Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out as it offers an overview of the SoulFullHeart process.

SoulFullHeart Community, May 2022
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Our Story

Raphael and Jelelle Awen met in an emotional and spiritual healing group called EBE (emotional body enlightenment) that was based in Ashland, Oregon in 2004, which is where we originally learned about and experienced parts/subpersonality process work and the importance of awakening/maturing your emotional body. After a few years of Jelelle being an EBE Facilitator and Raphael doing regular sessions, we began dating in July 2008. We left the group together at this time, experiencing a painful exit and intense dark night of the soul together, just as we were also in pairbond/soul mate reunion bliss.

We were married in March, 2009 after moving from California to Vancouver, Canada. We began offering space holding and spiritual teaching about parts work, Divine Feminine and Masculine connection starting in 2010. SoulFullHeart 
was born in 2012 with initial involvement from Gabriel Amara and Kasha Rokshana as facilitants/students and eventually off and on as Facilitators.


We eventually moved from Canada to Mexico in 2014 as a community, living on a remote, off-grid ranch as we felt a Divine call to live more simply and deconstruct our 3D-based money earning as painting contractors/business owners. We grew many organic vegetables and also experimented in natural building while we were on the ranch. In summer of 2016, we were guided as a community to move into the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico offer SoulFullHeart more easily online through sessions and sharings on social media. We have been offering our writings, videos, group calls, sessions, and retreats/gatherings virtually and in person to hundreds of souls with increasing resonant response and exposure since then.

Raianna Shai, Gabriel and Jelelle's daughter from their former marriage, joined the SoulFullHeart community in July, 2017 as a facilitant and also as collaborator focusing on website design. From October 2018 until September 2020, we were all called to move back to the Pacific Northwest in Victoria, Canada to connect with the awakening corridor of souls along the New Lemurian coast there and to ground in SoulFullHeart as a local offering along with virtual/remote offerings. We did many virtual and in-person sessions there, meditation circles, a video and group call series, and a four-day gathering event as well while we lived in Victoria.

In September, 2020, Raphael, Jelelle, Gabriel, and Kasha moved to Glastonbury UK (Avalon) for ten months and experienced deep activations and integrations connecting to the Heart Chakra energies of Gaia here and the Mary/Michael energy lines. We were then guided to leave the UK to the mountain valleys of Portugal and have been living here as a community in close proximity to each other since July, 2021. Long-term facilitant Bey Magdalene joined us in August, 2021 and Raianna Shai re-joined us in October, 2021.


We are settled in the moment in Central Portugal, in a cozy village town called Folques, surrounded by beautiful mountains and river valleys. There are strong energies of Mother Mary/Queen Marian in these lands, with a long and rich tradition of Divine Feminine worship and visitation happening here, (including at the nearby famous town of Fatima where Mary appeared multiple times to offer messages and guidance.)

Read here Jelelle's writing celebrating one year in Portugal


1:1 sessions to experience the process and our way of life called SoulFullHeart are available over zoom, along with virtual group calls events to experience us as a community.

Thank you for taking in the energy of what we offer as SoulFullHeart and we are looking forward to deepening with you in the future in whatever ways you feel called to do that!


Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, Gabriel Amara, and Kasha Rokshana

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Free To Be 5D:

Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out