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Divine Self Embodiment is a wholistic, catalytic yet gentle, healing process and way of life that takes you through a series of soul-guided initiations supported and mentored by your Facilitator/Teachers and grounded into soul family community experience.

The Divine Self Embodiment healing process allows you to embody Divine Self (5D) 
frequencies through sacred union with yourself as you heal trauma, wounds and separation consciousness with your parts/soul aspects from this life and other lifetimes; with others in transparency and intimacy including with your soul family and with a beloved Divine Union Counterpart; and with the Divine in deepening surrender and trust.   


Divine Self Embodiment Process
Embrace Your Humanity, Embody Your Divinity


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Beyond a self improvement program, a therapy, or a spiritual practice, Divine Self Embodiment (DSE) offers direct connection with parts of you (sub-personalities), soul aspects from other lifetimes/timelines, and the Divine. This process accesses and allows for deeper layers of negotiation and transformational initiations leading to:

- healing of trauma from this life and completion of traumatic, karmic soul patterns  

- increasing soul awakening and gift activation experiences

- transaction of sacred union relationship & draw of your Divine Counterpart

- unplugging from the 3D and false light/false god Matrix conditioning/programming

- false ego deconstruction and embodiment of your authentic self

- vital healthy body and detox/transmutation on a cellular level

- clarity and support for your soul purpose expression and next steps to take in action

- soul family karmic clearing and reunion

and ongoing embodiment of your Divine Self

The DSE process is offered by DSE Teachers/Facilitators through ongoing community experiences such as group events, dynamic individual and couples sessions and ongoing mentoring supportwritings/books, and videos.


Teachers & Facilitators


Upcoming Events

Group Calls 2023-2024 (1200 x 675 px) (8).png

Virtual: Healing Your Sacred Sexuality

Transmission Circle for women and men

with Raphael & Jelelle Awen

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 

by donation

Sacred Union W/Self, Others, & The Divine Circle Series

Group Calls 2023-2024 (1200 x 675 px) (1).png

In Person: Sound Healing & Guided Meditation Evenings

With Raphael & Jelelle Awen

Next One: Sunday, March 10th 2024 at 5:00pm WET/12:00pm EST

Upcoming: Sunday, April 14th/May 12th/June 9th

in Folques, Portugal

by donation

Group Calls 2023-2024 (1200 x 675 px) (9).png

Virtual: Healing Your Feminine Sacred Sexuality 

Transmission Circle for women

with Jelelle and Kasha

Sunday, March 17th, 2024 at 5:00pm WET/1pm EDT

by donation

Sacred Union W/Self, Others, & The Divine Circle Series

Group Calls 2023-2024 (1200 x 675 px) (2).png

In Person: Summer Solstice Gathering

with Raphael & Jelelle Awen

Thursday, June 20 - Monday, June 24, 2024

Folques, Portugal

Crown Chakra meditation & sound healing with Raphael and Jelelle

Kasha and Raianna share about their experiences living in soul family community 

Raphael and Jelelle share the first video telling their story together of meeting and dating in their Sacred Union Journey series

The Stages & Phases Of My Sacred Union Journey With Kasha

"Our session has been helping me a lot to ground and to see in a more soul expanded perspective, Jelelle. I have been listening to your audio book of Free To Be 5D too. And its been life-changing. I'm processing it within myself step by step and the audio book(due to your voice, the frequency that you carry) keeps opening new portals of healings, new horizons, elevating the glass ceiling and attracting new timelines with soul-aligned people. I am extending gratitude for the beautiful radiating service you offer."

Aneesa Emmambokus


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"This is trust what you are becoming, to let go of what isn’t you and never really was in order to return to and remember who you really ARE. This is the unfolding/arising/surrendering process that the Divine energies all around you are supporting."
Jelelle Awen, Free To Be 5D

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