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Divine Mother Connection Women's Group Call

Sunday, October 25th at 5pm GMT

Divine Mother Connection Women's Group Call With Jelelle & Kasha

Price: by donation​

My beloved soul sister Kasha and I would like to share a transmission of what we have experienced in a deeply personal way with the Divine Mother that we have cultivated over the last 8 years living in community together. This will be our second women's group call from Avalon/Glastonbury and these lands of such potent Divine feminine energies!

The focus of this women's group call event on October 25, 2020 at 5:00pm GMT/10:00am PDT/1:00pm EST is to share about the challenge and opportunity it is to feel Divine Mother in a supportive and intimate way that allows you to relate with Her, integrate Her with your Divine Self and your everyday life, and heal the karma trauma that may be within religious/Goddess worshipping lifetimes, in addition to birth mother wounding/templating. Creating a bridge from the heart of your Divine Self to the parts/soul aspects who have connection to Divine Mother allows for more activation AND more healing too.

During this call, we will guide you in a meditative space into a healing sisterhood circle with all the souls on the call and with energies of the sisterhood of Avalon and different forms of the Divine Mother. You will also connect with the part of you/soul aspect that comes through to receive these loving energies. We will also tap into and transmit from the powerful Mary ley line/energy flow.