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 Homecoming Codes 

Group Call

Sunday, October 16, 2022 

Homecoming Codes: coming home to your heart, home to your light, home to your humanity, home to your Divinity, home to all that you ARE, home to LOVE.

We are being invited collectively, as soul families and as individuals into a deeper phase of homecoming from within and with others. Homecoming brings up grief/sorrow/a sense of loss of what was missing that is now being answered. Homecoming brings up hopes and desires, tender vulnerability, social pain/rejection fears, remembrance and possibility.

There can be parts of you who are in resistance to the homecoming process as it brings up a fear of experiencing loss again, plus the pain of the original separation from the Divine. Your inner Lone Wolf, Protector and Gatekeeper may all need bridging and negotiation to open up to and receive the deeper experiences of homecoming that are being offered during this phase of Ascension in this Now. 

This invitation of homecoming to soul family is for many souls becoming very central and even critical to their ongoing awakening process. Resistance to the invitation heightens suffering, but also heightens a deeper awakening and assurance to knowing what it is that you really want and are ready to choose. Beyond the resistance, and into the surrender, offers a new world of profound next stages of growth and courageous sacred journey.

In a two-hour group call for men and women on Sunday, October 16th at 5:00/17:00pm WEST/12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and sacred union mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen will offer an activation to connect with the homecoming codes that are in your field, heart, and soul to be felt and downloaded. We will share about our most current personal processes as individuals and as a sacred union pairbond related to how we have experienced the process of homecoming inside together, living in soul family community, and with the Divine. We will also share about how our SoulFullHeart process can serve to allow for more integration, digestion, and negotiation of homecoming within and with others.

In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we will create a bridge to connect with the part/soul aspect who needs bridging support to move into homecoming. We will also create a portal to experience homecoming codes in whatever ways are ripe for you. We also tune into as a group to receive codes to assist humanity’s ongoing awakening process and homecoming collectively.

Divine guides will join us to hold a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. We will also repeat affirmations as a group that provide a new coding of anchoring spirit into our physical bodies.

You can receive these frequencies live with us or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you'll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation (totally optional) and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us and others as well. Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from other souls (both women and men) in the call, which is a powerful activation of its own! 

This group is open to the public and to anyone over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 CAD is the usual amount people offer us).

You can offer your donation via our shop at or and we will send you the zoom link to attend and the recording afterwards. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email and what you are purchasing in the note section so that we can send you the zoom link and the recording afterwards. 

This group call is included free to Portal members, our private online community on mighty networks. You can join for a monthly membership fee of $22 USD at

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Hope you can join us for this powerful exploration into these homecoming energies! 


Raphael and Jelelle

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Inner Masculine Connection For Women Group Call

Sunday, September 18, 2022 

*recording now available

The Inner Masculine within a woman has many different expressions as a very sacred part/energy of our inner worlds. This range of expression can move from highly protective, fatherly energies that can be punishing to more of an ‘ideal masculine mate’ in pursuit of the feminine. The inner masculine is an aspect/part that helps women navigate the patriarchal frequencies of the Matrix in whatever ways he feels are necessary. This can sometimes bring out something overbearing in him, though he can also feel quite defeated and deflated too, especially if he hasn’t been able to help or offer support in the way he’d most like to, or helped you/parts of you avoid difficult or dark situations.

Having an intimate relationship with your Inner Masculine as a woman, whether you are single or in union with a mate, helps to illuminate your relationship to the Divine Masculine/Father expressions of the Divine. You can get a sense then of why you may feel blocked to letting them in as well as why there may be a pattern of difficult or even non-existent relationships with men on the outside. Connecting deeply with the Inner Masculine offers us (and them) so many layers of healing from the impact of other men, whether mates, fathers or other authority figures, which eventually and ideally leads to a deep forgiveness that makes room for a whole NEW experience of the masculine inside and out.

In a two-hour women’s group call on Sunday, September 18th, SoulFullHeart Sacred Feminine Teachers and Facilitators Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana explored connecting with the Inner Masculine through sharing our personal journeys and also experiences in supporting women through our SoulFullHeart quantum healing process. We shared about how through a personal relationship with your Inner Masculine, you will also come to know your feminine parts/aspects in a whole new way and on a new ground of beginning or deepening your Inner Sacred Union, which moves between your masculine and feminine parts, as well.

During this call, we led a guided meditation to connect with your Inner Masculine with the support of Divine Masculine guides, who will help hold space for this exploration and invite your masculine part(s) into a nourishing and empowering energy where they can be real and even vulnerable. You meet with your Inner Masculine however he is expressing at this time, and feel into the relationship he currently has with your feminine parts. We also repeated affirmations as mantras together to recode our relationships between us and our Inner Masculine individually and together as women.


You can receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 CAD is the usual amount people offer us).

You can offer your donation via our shop at or and we will send you the recording. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email in the note section so we can email you the recording successfully.

Hope you enjoy this powerful exploration into your inner masculine!
Jelelle and Kasha