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SoulFullHeart Writings


Please visit soulfullheartblog.com and the SoulFullHeart Facebook page for many more articles and poetry, often written daily by Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, Kalayna Solais, Raianna Shai, and Deva Yasmin about healing, awakening, Ascension, etc.

SoulFullHeart Museletters

SoulFullHeart Museletters are published every two weeks and include a featured writing, plus all of the writings, videos, and audio blogs/podcasts offered during the previous two weeks from SoulFullHeart Facilitators Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, and Facilitants Kalayna Solais, Raianna Shai, and Deva Yasmin. Also included are event listings for group calls, gatherings, plus books and services. Every issue of the Museletter includes an average of 8 NEW writings and a few new audio recordings and videos! Subscribe below to receive editions directly in your email inbox and go here to read previous editions! 

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SoulFullHeart Videos

The SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel features videos from SoulFullHeart teachers and facilitators sharing about the SoulFullHeart process, recordings of them reading their writings as audio blog, recordings of group calls, livestream broadcasts, guided meditations, and energy updates. Visit our channel to become a subscriber!

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