Free To Be 5D

by Jelelle Awen

Humanity has long been in sleepy slumber without awareness of being plugged into a Matrix control system that dominates all areas of our lives with fear-based programming. In this modern age and especially since 2012, Humanity has finally been waking up to unplug from this Matrix and remember its Divine essence as Infinite Love. This book shares a bigger picture of this catalytic phase that so many souls have come to this Earth plane to experience, witness, and support. This is a time of ongoing Ascension of humanity from third-dimensional (3D) consciousness into transitional fourth-dimensional (4D) consciousness and into heaven-in-the-body fifth-dimensional (5D) consciousness. This is a time that brings up our greatest hopes and our greatest fears, all of which are longing to be embraced with love.


Jelelle Awen serves as a powerful yet gentle Divine Feminine and Galactic Love Ambassador bridge to awaken you to the Matrix reality and connect to the parts of your 3D Self, 4D Self, and 5D Self that most need your love and have the most gifts to offer you as well. As she has done for many souls through her writings and guided meditation transmissions and in hundreds of space-holding sessions and group call events over the years, she now offers you the guidance, insight, and inspiration in this book that have effectively helped transform the deepest traumas with love. She empowers you to activate your inner healer, channeller, and medium to connect with parts of yourself, Ascended Teachers, Galactic beings, and the Divine by providing information, messages, and resources such as journal questions and links to guided meditations. 


The truly unique and cutting edge SoulFullHeart Process is lovingly overviewed here, with inspirational stories of Jelelle’s personal awakening journey and those of her clients woven in. The process works on both local, this-life healing levels and also in the Quantum Field of Now with Metasoul Aspects/fragments from other lifetimes, allowing for truly multidimensional transformation.


This book is not just meant to stimulate your mind, yet also to stir your soul and open your heart! You have always been Free To Be! Now, you will be activated to remember that freedom and, given the tools in this book, become truly empowered, with grace and pace, to liberate and unify all parts of you through and with love! 


"You have been in the front,

to see before others can

to feel more than others will

to know beyond what is accepted

to bring what is rejected.


You’ve been brunt of the jokes,

the object of bullies’ scorn,

the black sheep of the family,

the alien who doesn’t fit in.


This has been your soul’s choice to be

one of the seers, the feelers, and the healers

of a mostly slumbering humanity.

We see you and we support you!

The Cycle Of Fragmentation

In the beginning, you are of the whole, Divine. You are the whole. There is no separation between you and all the other Divine sparks. There is no ‘you’ there. There is no ‘me’. There is no ‘we’. 


The Divine is all and all is the Divine. To be the essence of Divine is to know nothing of dissolution. It is to know nothing of isolation. It is to know nothing of segregation. It is to know nothing of separation. 


The Divine is in this state of wholeness for Infinity. It is complete with Itself for time beyond time. It is Infinite Love in infinite love with itself and All That Is and Ever Will Be. 


Eventually… the Divine begins to wonder. It begins to become curious. It begins to ponder about what it would be like to exist with something else. To experience an ‘other’ to relate with. To experience Itself with something else and in response to something else. To be something else beyond Everything That Is. 


So, with an energy of completely curious playfulness, the Divine begins to split Itself off into separate sparks of alive consciousness, without losing or diffusing any of its essence in doing so. The source of pure light that the Divine has always been begins to prism off into many rays of light with differing frequencies. It is not just the source of all life and all light, like an unwaveringly bright sun… It is also now a rainbow expressing life in an individuated spectrum of tones and colors.


The Divine continues to create fragments of Itself in order to know Itself in new ways. In order to experience more experiences through the process of being fragmented rather than whole. In order to experience more withness.


The Divine creates Divine Father expressions of Itself, experimenting with a polarized energy that is different from Itself. It creates Divine Mother expressions of Itself that are different still from the Divine Father ones, yet somehow complementary in a wonderful and new way. The Divine Father ‘masculine’ and the Divine Mother ‘feminine’ are two halves of the same whole. They are mated; they are paired... and the Divine is pleased with these energies and curious about how they will relate with each other now that they have been put asunder. It is curious about how they will dance with each other and what the results will be of this union.


These pure Divine Father energies are of leading, penetrating, activation, and more. These pure Divine Mother energies are of responding, being, receiving, integration, and more. The Divine Father and Divine Mother proceed to mate with each other and birth Divine offspring from their union. These Divine children take the form of the Archangels. They choose expressions as either more like Divine Father or more like Divine Mother. The differences between them are very subtle. 


These very high-vibrational angel children are so close to the Divine that there isn’t much sense of separation there. The Divine looks at them and sees so readily Its own reflection. Their expression is only a slightly altered expression of Itself. There doesn’t seem to be quite enough density and separation into polarity yet for truly interesting and unknown new dynamics to unfold. 


This leads to more Divine playing. More experimenting. More fragmenting.


Branching out of the Archangels, the next wave of Divine sparks form many groups known as the ‘Monads’ or ‘Soul Family Groups’. Each Monad contains many, many other sparks which form into a soul family. This is the first ‘family’ experience, although we are not quite yet aware of this as an individuated consciousness. The Soul Monads vibrate at a very high frequency of Oneness and Unity consciousness. Each soul family within the Monad is an identical twin to the other in the sense of how alike they are in awareness and expression. 


Each spark in the Soul Family Monad Group chooses a Divine Father expression or a Divine Mother expression. Some are whole at this level of frequency and decide to split into two parts… one feminine and one masculine. This is the experience of what I call, ‘Counterpart Soulmates’ or what is also called by others, ‘Twin Flames’, although that has often been taken too literally in the interpretation of it through the filtering of our density (more about this in my upcoming book about sacred relationships). 


It is this frequency of Soul Monad resonance that many tap into at some level when you call someone a ‘soul family member’ or when you have a feeling of deep, unexplainable connection with someone who you have just met or even have spent decades with.  


The Divine experiences much learning from the Archangels and then from the Soul Monad Groups. Yet, also, the Divine notices that they are still very much like each other. From one to the other, the differences are refined rather than broad. Oneness Consciousness creates a consistent, unified Quantum Field of the Now to hold them all in peaceful coexistence with each other.


The Divine then feels there is another fragmentation needed to create a truly unique and individual consciousness from Its whole. To move from the subtle to the more obvious. To go to the next level of individuation and separation just to see and experience what will happen. The Divine also realizes that it needs to gift every fragment of Itself with a free-will consciousness, the ability to choose and make decisions without any influence from the Divine Itself, as well as without any diminishment of its Divine essence. Both are true as Divine begets Divine.


So, another wave of fragmentation out of the Soul Families occurs that creates the first expression of being an individuated consciousness out of, or separate from (at least what feels all too noticeably separate from), the Divine. This is what can now be called your soul or, to differentiate it further, I’ve been offered to call it your ‘Metasoul’. 


Your Metasoul is the source of YOU as a spark of uniqueness… not yet your specific personality and form expression as it is now in your life. Yet, rather, your Metasoul is the pure source of your soul expression in a much higher vibrational frequency than your current one. You do not share your Metasoul with another soul or anyone else. 


Your Metasoul is individuated, yet it is still consciously connected in Unity Consciousness frequencies to Divine Source. Your Metasoul is also aware of its Soul Family Monad origins. It receives supportive transactional energies from the Archangels, Divine Mother, and Divine Father. Your Metasoul is also what is referred to as your ‘Higher Self’ although it is not a ‘self’ at all. This is your “I AM” essence.


To make things even more interesting, your Metasoul chooses then to fragment off even more in order to experience itself in many divergent ways. It creates fragments of itself to express into many different timelines, lifetimes, and eras of time. Dialing up a range of specific expressions, it also selects varying settings, places, species, and planets to birth onto. There is a range of dimensional consciousness expressions of your Metasoul as well, from two dimensional (2D) to third dimensional (3D) to much higher, which provides you with your multidimensional access.


Your Metasoul chooses specific timelines to experience and incarnate/birth into, related to its growth. It has a specific frequency of Divine essence to express. There is a particular color and tone of the rainbow from the Divine prism that it wants to reflect.


Every timeline expression, every incarnation into a physical body form, is chosen by your Metasoul for a reason connected to the evolution of its growth. No incarnation of your Metasoul is truly a prison or a trap, in the sense that the Metasoul chooses it, ‘signs up for it’ you could also say, on a Higher Self level as an exercise in expression of the free will gifted to it by the Divine. 


Your Metasoul makes choices about what it will experience in each lifetime; which soul themes are expressing; which challenges are explored; what wounds from traumas to experience and heal. Your Metasoul also chooses cultures, religions, genetics, gender, birth family and much more to experience in varying lifetimes. It is also choosing from collective and archetypally-sourced sacred wounds that it is helping to heal through personal experience even as the Metasoul has also participated in furthering wounding on the shadow side of Divine expression. 


Each fragment of your Metasoul in different lifetimes can be related to as a Metasoul ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ (depending on gender expression). Their timeline existence is happening in the Now… not in the ‘past’ or in ‘ancient times’ or as a ‘past life.’ The Metasoul source itself exists outside of linear time, in the Quantum Field of The Now, even if some of the timelines are connected to consciousness realities (such as 3D or third dimensional consciousness) that believes time is linear, can be measured, and is finite. 


These Metasoul brothers and sisters (or ‘Metas’ for short) feel very similar to you, like a soul family sibling. However, because they may live on other planets, galaxies, and in other dimensions, their experience of reality is usually very different from yours. Your Metas may be vibrating at much higher frequencies than your 3D-based/Earth/human timeline. Or they may be experiencing traumatic experiences that cause them to vibrate in suffering and fear, much lower than yours.


The Divine notices that as more fragmentation happens at the Metasoul level, there is more occurrence of what seems to be the opposite of what Its essence is as pure, Infinite Love. This denser, energetic occurrence comes to be known as ‘fear’. Fear is the result of a forgetfulness that sets in as the Metasoul splits off into different dimensional consciousness lifetimes and ‘moves’ vibrationally farther away from Divine Source. Fear is the result of Metasoul Aspects that no longer consciously remember that they are sparks of Infinite Love from the Divine. Fear is the result of the pain of separation.


Your Metas experience many things, both difficult and blissful, during their lifetimes. The painful experiences begin to cause traumatic reactions that create karmic wounds. These karmic wounds are held by the Metas as they move through varying experiences of polarity and duality; as they truly experience more and more separation consciousness from the Divine. 


A veil of amnesia is chosen by your Metasoul to amplify this experience of separation… in order to truly experience what it is like and to learn from it. Each Metasoul Aspect that chooses 4D consciousness and lower forgets that it came from the same Metasoul source. It forgets about all of its Metasoul brothers and sisters living in other lifetimes/timelines. The only lifetime it can experience is its own, in a ‘tunnel vision’, blinded kind of perception filtering that can’t see and make the bigger connections to its Metasoul any longer. 


Your Metas also forget the Unity Consciousness experience of complete resonance with their Soul Monad Family Group. They disconnect from their Divine Mother and Divine Father as loving parents and from the Archangels’ complete and total support of them. This allows the Metas, again, to go fully into whatever timeline experience they are in; to completely immerse into it.


A particular aspect of the Metasoul is chosen to guard and watch over the veil of amnesia and all of the Metasoul lifetimes. It is chosen to retain awareness and consciousness of the existence of the Metasoul as an individuated soul source. This aspect is what we have discovered in our SoulFullHeart process as the ‘Gatekeeper’. I have met many Gatekeepers over the years, including several of my own, and it seems to be that each Metasoul has one. The Gatekeeper can also express in a range of dimensions and take different forms, shapes, and even energy in these dimensions.


Your Gatekeeper has chosen to remain conscious of all of the incarnations of your Metasoul in order to keep the ‘veil in place’ between them. The Gatekeeper is usually very lonely because they can’t really relate and engage with any of the Metasoul Aspects or their timelines. The Gatekeeper is in a limbo world, not in the higher dimensions of the Archangels or of the Soul Monad Groups. Not in the worlds of the Metasoul Aspects either, and usually not connected in any dynamic way with the individual souls (as in you) for whom they act as a Gatekeeper over, at least not until you become conscious of them and begin to bridge to their world. 


I have come to call this world, ‘the Gatekeeper’s Realm’, and it can often be accessed through a visualization journey during meditation into a large cavern with many tunnels leading off of it. The tunnels represent the many lifetimes of that particular Metasoul and the Gatekeeper can be ‘found’ there guarding access to them.

The Gatekeeper is tasked with keeping the veil of forgetfulness in place until such a time as your Metasoul is ready to awaken and remember its Unity Consciousness reality again. This current timeline of awakening and Ascension in this Now seems to be waking up many more Gatekeepers, who can then start to lift the veil and offer portals to the Metasoul Aspects.


The final fragmentation happens, then, for those Metasoul Aspects that chose a third dimensional (3D) consciousness expression experienced through you, fragmenting into parts of the self or subpersonalities. 3D, a denser dimensional consciousness, has been the prevailing one on Earth for tens of thousands of years. It is a highly polarized consciousness of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, black and white. 3D is oriented to the five senses and what we hear/see/smell/touch/taste as the only valid ways to process reality. 3D is not a lesser consciousness, even though we often relate to it as such. It is necessary and sacred to the Divine’s curious exploration of itself, yet not without what can sure seem like traumatic consequences either. 


As your Metasoul consciousness interfaces with 3D consciousness when you are born, it begins to fragment into different parts/subpersonalities of self-expression based on the experience it has and the templating it receives from birth family. You fragment into these parts and then become ‘stuck’ in their consciousness to the degree they have undigested trauma and pain. 


It is a natural survival mechanism response of your consciousness to form into these parts of self, (such as the Inner Protector, Inner Child, Inner Teenager and more) not a psychiatric or mental illness/disorder as has been previously believed. It is not a mental illness to fragment in this way into different aspects of self, yet, rather a reflection on a micro level of the ‘bigger’ fragmentation out of Divine Source that has been happening all along. 3D density and duality/polarity amplify and supports this fragmentation of self.


This fragmentation into parts of the self is one that we all seem to go through. It is necessary in order to survive in the denser 3D reality. It is a natural inclination for our souls, as we’ve been engaged in this fragmentation process since our initial and original split-off from the Divine. It is another expression of separation, individuation, and the experience of duality at the emotional body and psyche/subconscious levels.


All of this fragmentation out from Divine Source is an ever ongoing and continuous process. It will continue to be for as long as the Divine feels that it is a useful and interesting experiment. It is always learning and always growing through the experience of every one of Its Divine sparks in whatever degree of unity or separation they vibrate at. It is always in complete support of their expression, no matter what they choose for that to be, as they exercise the free will gifted to them by the Divine.


Whether polarized to fear or polarized to love, every Divine Spark is given the choice in every moment to freely choose either of them or a spectrum of experience in between them. You, as a spark from the Divine, are given this choice of being polarized to fear or to love in your current expression, in your current lifetime, in your current Now. 


You are given the choice to remember, in every moment, your origins as a spark from the Divine. To remember your familial connection to your Soul Monad Family and the blueprint offered by the Archangels. To feel yourself as an expression of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. And to reclaim yourself as a child of the Divine.


This choice of remembering is the process of awakening that is currently going on in this lifetime. Awakening is the conscious reconnection to your Metasoul/Higher Self frequencies and more expression of these in your daily life. This remembrance also occurs naturally as you are consciously ‘re-membered’ with each part of yourself, as you get to know and relate with each subpersonality within you. As above, so below. This is your reconciliation with the Divine, beginning from you as you know yourself, reaching out and connecting to what we could call your higher and lower selves. 


The Divine looks at the beauty of all this splitting off; the convergings and the coming togethers; the forgetting and the remembering; the pairing ups and the moving aways; as expressed by Its Divine Spark children. It notices with reverence and awe how fear finds its way back to becoming love when motivated by love, even from the greatest of distances and the deepest of densities. 


And the Divine knows then that this dualistic experiment is right and good and worth even the ultimately temporary experience of pain and fear… as It gets to rediscover love again and again through Its sacred children’s awakenings, journeys, and ongoing discoveries!