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SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator/Avalon Guide Jelelle Awen at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury/Avalon

Avalon Activation Session 

1:1 SESSIONS - 90 minutes over Zoom or In-Person in Avalon/Glastonbury, UK for $130 CAD/$100 CAD/77 pounds

SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator/Avalon Guide Jelelle Awen offers 1:1 sessions with women to provide a powerful bridge to the energies in Avalon. She offers a multidimensional portal to Divine Feminine embodiment through feeling parts of the self and soul and connecting to the Heart Chakra energies of Gaia.


Avalon Activation sessions are open to all women over 18 years of age who feel drawn to Avalon in their heart and soul.  

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Avalon calls you...


- She sometimes whispers -

and sometimes shouts...


Yet, her call is heard and felt by those ready to go on the journey that She invites you on...the exploration into the deepening grounds of Divine Feminine embodiment.


From the moment I arrived in Glastonbury/Avalon and began to tune into the Heart Chakra and Divine Feminine energies here, my service of love self was activated to provide a bridge to them for women to experience for themselves....as I have in many other lifetimes as well. I have personally experienced how supportive these energies can be, the way they embrace you and also challenge you, inviting you into deeper initiations of death and rebirth as needed.

I have been honored to offer this bridge to Avalon in a few tender and powerful women's group calls with SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator Kasha Rokshana and we will continue to offer a monthly women's call here in the future. Yet, also, in my heart's desire has been to serve love with women from these sacred grounds on a 1:1 basis, which I have been blessed to do in SoulFullHeart sessions since I arrived here.


I felt a desire, though, to specifically bridge to these Avalon energies in sessions, providing Avalon Activations...both over Zoom and in the physical for those drawn to come here.

It feels like it is time NOW to offer that bridge to Avalon through 1:1 spaceholding sessions with those women who are drawn to experience that with me. We will go on a meditative, altered state of consciousness journey together during the session to the sacred sites here in Avalon that I have been connecting with on a near daily basis and that are strongly in my field. These places are not  just located in 3D reality, yet also exist in 4D/5D frequencies and can be tuned into from anywhere in the world. They offer multidimensional and yet embodied activations that bridge your inner feminine (in whatever ways/parts she shows up) with the transformational frequencies of the Divine Feminine (in whatever ways SHE shows up.)


These Avalon energies serve as support to your Divine Self to hold space for the healing and transmutation of trauma with your inner feminine parts such as your Inner Child, Inner Teenager, etc. so that your true feminine essence can arise in your life, in relationships, and in service.

We will also connect together to any lifetimes/timelines that your soul is living out here if that comes up in the session. This is what we call 'Metasoul aspect connection', which is a fragment from your soul that comes forward to develop an ongoing relationship with you. These aspects are more then 'past lives' to drop into one time only during a regression, landing in their deepest trauma. Your Metasoul aspects are sisters/brothers, fragments from your soul, living in the Quantum Field of Now and have many gifts to offer, along with traumas from karmic patterns to be felt over time that may be playing out in your life now. Many timelines are layered over here in Avalon for us to connect with....such as the Essenes/Early Christians/Magdalenes, Celtic/Pagan, King Arthur/Guinevere/Morgan Le Fay, Catholic Monks/Nuns, Golden Age of Avalon, and more. 

Throughout the session, I will be transmitting Divine Feminine frequencies from the Mary line that runs in an embodying way through my complete immersion here in the physical and for many years in mediation journey space. Plus, I have been daily drinking the waters from the White/Red Spring, and exploring conscious integration with Metasoul aspects who live here in other dimensional frequencies. These frequencies serve to open up the heart to Divine Feminine energies of compassion, forgiveness, stillness, death/rebirth, transmutation of fear to love, and service of love. 

I am also available for journeys at these sacred places in the physical here in Glastonbury if you feel drawn to experience them with me that way. I have facilitated sessions and provided activations in an organic way for myself and others on the Glastonbury Abbey grounds, at the Mother Stone, at the base of the Tor in the Avalon Orchards, and at the Chalice Well....it has been quite a powerful experience! Contact me if you are interested in this at soulfullhearts@gmail.com.

You can purchase an Avalon Activation prepaid session with me for $130 CAD ($100 USD/77 pounds equivalent) for 90 minutes through our shop page using stripe or via paypal at paypal.me/jelelleawen. Please contact me with any questions.

Once you purchase the session, I will email you to offer next steps in scheduling and take in your answers to the following questions, etc:

Questions to answer prior to the Avalon Activation session:

* What drew you to have an Avalon Activation session with Jelelle Awen?
* Tell me something about your awakening journey into the Divine Feminine/Avalon and how it has been for you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey into your sacred feminine and love from Avalon!

Jelelle Awen


Prior to having an Avalon Activation session, we highly recommend taking in more about the SoulFullHeart process through sharings from SoulFullHeart Facilitators to get more sense of what we are offering and feel into your resonance and draw with it. You can watch the many videos on our SoulFullHeart YouTube Channel, and read writings on our blog, social media pages (links in the footer below), and books by me, Jelelle Awen, especially my newest book Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out.


To experience the energy of what it feels like to connect with a part of yourself which forms the basis of sessions, we also recommend taking in my 33 Day Deepen Guided Meditation Video Series here.

Experience of the SoulFullHeart paradigm and process is also offered through group events such as a monthly women's group call, monthly group transmission call with Raphael and Jelelle Awen, community interactions on our SoulFullHeart Portal, and primarily through experiencing 90 minute SoulFullHeart 1:1 sessions virtually over Zoom messenger service and in-person in Glastonbury, UK.

"I've never met anyone else who holds space like Jelelle. In my sessions with her, I have been able to go to such deep and deeply unconscious/forgotten places because of her deep heart space in the room...which penetrates through all the fear of parts of the self and wraps them in a deeply powerful bubble of love. Her 'being' also makes it so easy to open up and share and go quite deep quite quickly. There was an immediate and powerful trust in her being, her humanness, her heart, along with her intuitions and knowledge due to having worked all those places inside of herself. Her Love for me as a facilitant and human being was felt by me since the first session as well. I felt right at home with her and it was nothing short of magical and wonderful."


-  Bianca, Germany

SoulFullHeart Facilitant

Ongoing Sessions: 

Ongoing sessions are available with Jelelle for women 30 and over with a focus on deepening initiation into the SoulFullHeart process and way of life. We recommend the pace of once a week maximum and at least once a month on an ongoing basis (with 2-4 a month being optimal) for these sessions. You can purchase additional sessions at whatever rate/pace works for you in coordination with your SoulFullHeart Facilitator through our shop or via paypal.

SoulFullHeart ongoing sessions are also available for women 30 and under with Kasha Rokshana; for men and women with Gabriel Heartman; and for men with Raphael Awen.