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SoulFullHeart Portal

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Thank you for your interest in joining our free SoulFullHeart Portal group on our website. This is a safe and private community space online to share, connect, and communicate about the SoulFullHeart process and way of life.

There are two ways to join this Portal as a member, through clicking the 'join' button above and entering your email and password. We will then approve your request and you'll have access to the group via your desktop, tablet, phone, etc.

Or, you can join our SoulFullHeart site via the Spaces app by Wix. Once you have downloaded the free Spaces by Wix app and joined as a site member of SoulFullHeart, you can then submit a request to join the Portal there. The Spaces app offers a clean, easy navigation and interface for the group, yet it is only available on a tablet and phone.

 Click here or the button below to join:

The Portal is an online extension of our small community here in Central Portugal. We have had a few versions of this online community over the years, most recently on Mighty Networks. We felt to offer a free version of it connected to our website and the Spaces by Wix app.

We as SoulFullHeart creators/community will share our most recent writings and videos here, some of which will be exclusive to this Portal. We will also share more about our personal processes and updates here after group call digestions.

The Portal is a place for those who are in regular sessions with us and/or attending our group calls to connect with us as Facilitators/Teachers and with each other, receive direct support for your ongoing process, and deepen in community with us.

It is also a place for those of you who are new to SoulFullHeart in terms of session and group call involvement, yet drawn to explore and experience more of what we are offering in community.

More about us, the SoulFullHeart process, sessions, group events, and writings on our website. Teaching videos and guided meditation videos are posted at the SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel.

Thank you for joining the Portal and please feel free to comment, share, and add a picture to your member profile. Please keep posts and comments related to the SoulFullHeart process, be kind and thoughtful in your responses, and no spam/sales pitches.


Raphael and Jelelle Awen and the SoulFullHeart Community: Gabriel Amara, Kasha Rokshana, Bey Magdalene and Raianna Shai


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