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Men's Meditation Group Calls


SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators Raphael Awen and Gabriel Amara

Raphael Awen and Gabriel Amara host virtual group meditation calls for men over Zoom to provide a transmission of Divine Self coming into the masculine body, awakened frequencies to you. You can receive these frequencies live with them or purchase the recording afterwards.


If you attend the live groups, you'll have the opportunity to share with Raphael and Gabriel what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from them. The focus of these groups is to transmit to you a highly embodied frequency of sacred masculine connection that is seated in the heart.

These groups serve as activations of your next levels in the ascension process, whatever that is for you personally. They are empowering and self activating, in the sense that YOU are the source of activation for yourself and Raphael and Gabriel serve as a bridge to feel/experience this. You also get to experience soul family resonance/Sacred masculine connection during the calls, connecting with other men on the awakening journey.

Men's Meditation Group Call


Healing The Punisher/Shame Dynamic Men's Meditation Group Call


Have you encountered the underlying pervasive feelings of shame that so often undergird even a man’s most noble pursuits and character in life?

Has this felt like a no-go area to avoid, fix or deny so that you can remain stable and effective in life?

Have you been able to feel how shame is being used by a punishing part of you, with actually what it feels are your best interests at heart?

Why would such a tactic be such a big part of all men’s lives?

Have you ever wondered what would be on the other side of this punisher/shame dynamic if you could arrive there?

These are the questions that Gabriel and Raphael will explore on the call and invite men to feel inside of themselves. We will offer a way to bridge to these feelings, allow them to come up consciously to be felt and related with, in an ongoing sacred healing process and journey that can take you to the new territory of living outside of the shame/punisher dynamic. In this process, our shame transmutes into an embodied experience of our essence and innocence, and the punisher part of us gets to let go of the need to punish and then transmutes to being our embodied intuition and discernment and guidance in action. 

During the call, we will also guide you in a guided meditation to meet your Inner Punisher and begin a relationship with him or her, offering you the launching place for what we feel may well be the deepest healing grounds you’ve experienced so far this life. 

In the second hour of the call, there will be time for those who would like to share into the circle to do so. 


Thank you so much for joining us on this SoulFullHeart journey to awaken the sacred masculine
soul and open the heart!

Much Love,

Raphael and Gabriel

Previous Men's Calls

Sovereignty & Surrender call pic.jpeg

Sovereignty & Surrender Men's Meditation Group Call

Recorded on Saturday, April 24, 2021 

We explored questions about the topic of sovereignty and surrender and how they are related to by men, especially in today's 'pandemic' world. 


"What is it that you really want?" may be the most profound question that you as a man need to ask yourself, as well as the most sorting question that can be asked when it comes to independence as well as relationships with others and community.

In these times of pandemic control measures, our sense of sovereignty is brought to the forefront. The word ‘surrender’ evokes more a feeling of submission in an environment of a lack of external freedom and government dictates. What does surrender really mean in this context?  

In SoulFullHeart, we offer a way to get to know and feel the parts of you that are oriented to life in this way without judging them in any way. Here begins an exit off the treadmill of 'control', where even the prescription of surrender can be related to as a higher form of sovereignty.


Power, Adequacy, & Vulnerability Men's Meditation Group Call

Recorded on Saturday, March 27, 2021 

We explored questions about the topic of power, adequacy, and vulnerability and how they show up in our lives and healing processes as men, as well as entered a time of guided meditation to meet your Inner Protector, the part of you that has the most domain when it comes to your adequacy, power and vulnerability. Just meeting this part of you, getting a feeling sense of them for the first time or the hundredth time is what opens out the deep heart and soul places that you have been wanting to venture into. In other words, the key to your dreams is not more will power, or more adequacy, but instead you showing up to get to know these parts of you who feel so much about your life, your dreams, your regrets, etc. As this happens more and more, your life gets to enter new configurations in all areas of your life, because it’s shifting on the inside.

Conversations With Men Video Series With Raphael Awen & Gabriel Amara

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