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3/4D/5D Body Layers, Codes & Clearings

Intense cellular clearing/upgrades going on post equinox and with the last supermoon of 2023 as well. I shared yesterday about this and many of you seemed to resonate with the experience of detox symptoms such as fever, headaches, tiredness, loss of appetite/indigestion, etc. I experienced this myself a couple days of ago and needed to respond with extra rest, fasting (still in process of this on some level), and just allowing whatever density needs to move out of my 3D body in order to receive the soul upgrades that are ready.

I wanted to share this download and framing that came through me during our recent gathering retreat, doing multiple quantum energy sessions on souls who have been doing our work for awhile, and seems to be mirrored in my own experience as well of the ongoing upgrading process for the body 'vessel' from 3D to 5D. When I felt each person's body, it came through as layers or fields stronger than ever before. I'll describe them here, it's a bit long but I think helpful in locating as/if it resonates for you:

3D Body Layer - The densest level of physical manifestation that has been programmed to reality and filter through the five senses. Cells are carbon-based, often filled with constant influx of toxicities from our hijacked water, air, soil, and food. 3D Body holds the 3D self trauma from this life, parts of us such as Inner Child, Inner Teenager, Inner Protector, Inner Mother/Father can be 'stuck' in this body layer, looping in suffering.

3D Body manifests illness, injury, addictions, emotional/mental 'disorders', and aging. It needs constant detoxification and purification in order to upgrade, which it can receive through ongoing phases of fasting, urotherapy, clean eating, pure spring water, deep emotional/shadow work with 3D self parts/ego to clear trauma and dominance, sound healing, daily grounding on Gaia with bare feet, yoga/other body movement, breathwork/pranayama, meditation.

3D programs/fear thought forms have been: I am fear. I am separate. I am dying. I am only what I can see/hear/smell/taste/touch.

New codes are: I am love. I am whole. I am alive. I am connected. I am beyond my senses.

4D Body layer: The 4D body is the next level up from the physical manifestation or the astral body, usually only accessed in dream states by most people. 4D body is our bridge to the karmic consciousness field and is often anchored or stuck there, looping on the same trauma/karmic patterns and lessons from lifetime after lifetime, stuck in the denser soul family lineage field as well. The Matrix plugs originate here, sourced from the Reptilian self entwinement, False God programs and there is a hijack of the true chords to the 5D body.

4D Body manifests what feels like or is experienced as entity/psychic attacks, chakra plugs/blocks, implants, dark night of the soul, deep suffering loops, scarcity/lack, etc. The 4D body holds aspects such as the Gatekeeper (who holds access to all the bodies), archetypal aspects from many lifetimes playing out 'roles' such as Priestess, Monk/Nun, Queen/King, karmic mate, and Lower D Star seed/galactic aspects, Reptilian Self, and more.

It needs quantum energy healing that works with the Gatekeeper directly, sound healing, chakra clearing of all fields, matrix unplugging/deprogramming with the Reptilian Self, Conscious connection and shadow work with your Gatekeeper/soul aspects, meditative/shamanic/astral healing journeys and bridges/retrievals.

4D programs have been: I am unknown. I am alone. I am trapped. I am attacked and persecuted. I am fear.

New codes are: I am known. I am connected to the ALL. I am free. I am safe. I am love.

5D Body layer: Previously not accessed unless leaving the body in a Near Death Experience or at death, now able to be brought in and embodied as 3D/4D bodies are healing. 5D body is the light body, and your merkabah for multidimensional travel while in the body. Lives on light/prana/energy with no need for physical food or for sleep, can teleport, levitate, bi-locate and more. It doesn't age, feel hot or cold, have injuries or illness.

5D Body is chorded to the Cosmic/Divine Mother womb for the feminine and the Cosmic/Divine Father Hara for men. The 5D body is our bridge to the Ascended Masters (who become us through the 5D body), soul family monad, counterpart/twin flame soul mate, and our Metasoul consciousness (above the karmic field) and I AM Love Divine source essence. 5D Body needs us to ongoingly detox/purify the 3D body and consciously lift the veil and heal the 4D body in ALL lifetime incarnations so that it can come more into our consciousness on a cellular level (not just conceptual.)

5D codes are: I am love. I am home. I am Divine. I am ALL THAT IS. I am beloved. I am whole.

1:1 energy upgrade sessions to offer support to your body vessel, connect to your energy field and locate your body's ascension process are available with me now with info here.

More about the Ascension process and our SoulFullHeart work in my book Free To Be 5D with links to get as audio, print, ebook and PDF at


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