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3D Personal Will-based souls, 4D Awakening Will-based souls, and 5D Divine Love-Based Souls

This download is coming through in more clarity recently and is being illuminated/backlit by community experience, my personal process and in ongoing service sessions too. I thought I would share for you to see/feel what resonance you may feel with this and sense of where you may be on this spectrum in this moment.

Gifted with personal will by the Divine as we incarnate into deeper densities of expression, esp in 3D, we have certain phases of relating to and expressing this personal will. ALL phases are truly sacred and needed for our soul growth and learning.

3D Personal Will Domination base – In more 3D orientation, personal will is about ego gratification and surface level/material/five senses filtering. There is more wounded masculine expression (for men and women) with drive and motivation connected to personal gain/focus/achievement. There can be a battling and fighting frequency, a competitive edge, a sense that forces/energies/people are ‘against’ you in some way. Actions are done for the purpose of personal gain and there is a doing, results-based orientation to life.

Relationships are codependent, birth family hooks remain based in 3D frequencies (and wounded ancestral lineages) of obligation, duty, rebellion, manipulative, judgement, etc. Intimacy with self is absent along with truly vulnerable and authentic intimacy with others.

Connecting with parts of your fragmented 3D self (such as Inner Child, Protector/Controller, Inner Teen, Inner Punisher) can facilitate the awakening out of and unanchoring from this base of 3D personal will with bridging to your soul, guides and Divine Self.

4D Awakening/False God Submission Will base – As you awaken, there is a shifting in consciousness from all about the ego self to being about something much bigger. Your soul’s consciousness attainments and soul gifts from other timelines/lifetimes start bleeding through, yet so do persecution wounds, separation from the Divine wounds, embodiment struggles/illnesses, existential fears and more. There can be a strong resistance in this phase to giving up the 3D ego Personal Will to the Divine and tendency to polarize into good versus evil viewpoints and ways of seeing the world (a Matrix hijack).

There can be a fusion to the Gatekeeper (soul guardian/Divine bridge/karmic field bridge) in which this energy becomes the self, a sort of take over or possession in that way as the 3D ego self vacates and is deconstructed. Previous careers and means of earning money are let go of, yet can be replaced by suffering loops of scarcity, poverty and lack.

There is an increasing desire to surrender your personal will focus to the Divine and yet a strong likelihood that this will be hijacked by a False God/False Light energy, coming usually in the form of teachers, groups/cults, abusive or codependent soul mate relationships and karmic soul family configurations. Many awakening souls are currently in this phase and learning a lot from it, even while experiencing some intense suffering during it (dark night of the soul phases, lone wolf isolated phases, etc.) Differentiation from your Gatekeeper and conscious karmic healing connections with soul aspects being a big piece to opening up true Divine love access.

Divine love surrender base – In this phase, you are increasingly surrendering your self concepts, perceptions, motivations from this life and other lifetimes to and with the Divine. You feel supported by the Divine in all moments, even those that bring difficulty and feel genuinely grateful for them. Your focus is on being an instrument of Divine service love peace expression without ego attachment or false constructions to fuel or try to control outcomes in life.

Your intimate relationships with yourself, your Divine Counterpart Soul Mate (pair bond reunion) and soul family is truly nourishing and affirming, offering karmic and emotional healing completion from this life and many lifetimes. While there are still lessons and learning to explore together, the codependent grist and suffering grounds have shifted to goodness, joy, deepening, and growth together.

This Divine love base is supported by continual connection with your Divine Self (which is hardly a self at all compared to the 3D self), upgrading your body to light body vessel to live on light and love, giving up and letting go of 3D and even 4D based constructs, prayer and connection with the Divine, healing of False Gods/Gatekeeper fusions/soul aspect karmic playouts, setting boundaries and letting go in relationships as needed.

I am personally blessed to be experiencing more and more of my daily reality in Divine love surrender and service of love embodiment. It is an ever ongoing journey and I feel honored to support and mentor those who are drawn to it and to me/us as a community in this phase. It’s a tall order for sure and a gifted opportunity in this Ascension lifetime!

Hopefully this was helpful…..1:1 sessions available to connect/locate where you (and parts of you) are at on this spectrum are available with me and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators. More info at and more about the Ascension process facilitating through us in my book Free To Be 5D at


Jelelle Awen

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