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77 Words Of Inspiration - Mon. Jan 9, 2023

“To whatever degree denial seemed to work in the past, now it only hastens the completion of the old and to make way for the new.

We are invited to not only take stock of what we are actually feeling, but embrace and love the parts of ourselves who are feeling what they are feeling WHILE they are feeling WHAT they are feeling.

That changes ‘depression’ from suffering in the old into a portal into the new.”

Much love,




This pic is the same view off our back deck of what often yields the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. Yesterday, it was gray, wet and windy. Couldn’t even get Ravyn to step outside.

We are being invited to embrace the full range of our experience without getting swallowed up by it. Receiving divine love and support to refuel your courage to be with it all as needed is a big part of BEing here now.

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