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77 Words Of Inspiration - Tue. Jan 10, 2023

77 Words Of Inspiration - Tue. Jan 10, 2023

"A living thing is a moving thing, with preference, self knowledge, and self transparency.

But when transparency is impeded, hiding rules the day, and stress is the result.

The dualism that exists in you is the only path to unification and reconciliation.

And all of that starts with you becoming relational with yourself. Everything else, inside of you and outside, sorts itself from there.

This is what being the light in a dark world is actually about.”

Much love,




Jelelle and I got to hike from home yesterday and find some sun and view nearby, and she said I looked good, so out came the camera! 😊

It was so quiet with only the sounds of nature and water. I’m definitely feeling the heightened need to be in nature more and more.

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