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77 Words with Raphael Awen- 1/4-1/8

77 Words Of Inspiration - Sun. Jan 8, 2023

“The best miracles are the ones that happen slowly and naturally over time, that you can grow with, instead of being popped into a strange new world with no way to acclimate to.

Like winning a lottery usually doesn’t actually yield much in the end as going from zero to sixty in a heartbeat isn’t natural.

YOU are already the walking miracle, PROOF times a gazillion that the universe is in your favor and at your disposal.”

Much love, Raphael

Jelelle has been my biggest slow moving miracle over time, 14 years or so now!

Funny I say ‘slow moving’ because being with her has felt like being on a racetrack at times, like the times we up and decided to move across the planet, or how we weave in course corrections sometimes daily!

The interesting thing about all miracles though is that they are to be received with gratitude and reverence and then they need to be normalized into your life somehow, or you’d blow up, right?!

That’s the good part, normalizing and then coming back into awe, reverence and wonder, over and over again.

I will have yet another big story to tell at the end of this year I’m sure, and welcoming yet another.

Thank you, Jelelle

This pic was from our visit to this sacred spot close by earlier this week. It was chilly and shady here where we took the photo, but we found an upper ledge in the sunshine that accommodated our camp chairs and we got to bask in the sun and waterfall codes at the same time. Perfect for letting in a new year.


77 Words Of Inspiration - Sat. Jan 7, 2023

“As nasty as the threat of eternal torment in hell by an angry God was based in fear and perpetuated by those ‘hellbent’ on that reality, on a deeper level, it was something we all co-created.


Could it be that we needed this finite, limited and limiting experience of ‘God’ as a precursor to introduce us to our own infinite Divinity that we never lost, never can lose, and never will exhaust the exploration of?”

Much love, Raphael

This pic is again a snap off our balcony last evening. It always strikes me, the feeling here of the Marian (more divine feminine) energies emanating through the valley in some twilight fog, so different from so much of the geographies I’ve known up till now this life, yet so familiar to the geographies of my soul timelines.


77 Words Of Inspiration - Fri. Jan 6, 2023

“The only self-loving way to make any decision, big or small, is to get to know the different parts of you and how they feel about the decision.

Now you’ve shifted your approach from Dictator to Ambassador.

Now, instead of pushing something, you’re simply and naturally caring for and feeling the deeper needs and desires of each part of you.

The decision, as well as life, simply flows now quite effortlessly and without regret in this reconciliation.”

Much love, Raphael

Jelelle and I stopped roadside by this bridge in Coja yesterday, not to grab this pic, but for me to hop out of the car and peel off my jacket. It was getting warm.

I did however take this quick snap that I’ve been wanting to photograph in the sunset hour one day soon.

A bridge - how perfect a metaphor, a bridge crossing from one side to another, each choice we make, the choice to embrace something and leave something else behind, which is by definition stressful until we embrace and ‘bridge’ to all parts of ourselves. I don’t feel life can be without stress and tension, but it can be without UNRESOLVED stress and tension. That changes everything!

Thanks for reading, BEing here and co-creating this heart space with me.


77 Words Of Inspiration - Thu. Jan 5, 2023

“In my life I got quite addicted to making things happen wherever I could, wherever there was measurable results, and shying away from wherever that didn’t work.

It was a great lesson in empowerment while it lasted.

Now I find myself invited into being in the flow of and surrendering to what is happening on a deeper level.

Realizing more and more that I am the happening I was trying so hard to make happen all along.”

Much love, Raphael

The crew came by yesterday to swap the cables from the old poles to the new ones right outside our window.

Part of me still likes to watch people engaged in a skill. I’m sure I’ve had many lifetimes as some kind of artisan.

These men knew how to achieve the results they needed to, having done it many times. They felt grounded, confident and relaxed as they, step by step, made things happen.

While a part of me can still have feelings of missing that on some level, I’m ‘happy’ in the ‘happenings’ that I’m feeling on new and deeper levels of heart and soul.


77 Words Of Inspiration - Wed. Jan 4, 2023

“May this year be a year where your heart’s new year-nings for the divine takes you to many discoveries - discoveries that aren’t mental, but deeply felt, that change you from the core of your being.

Discoveries that change the frequency at which you receive, …at which you broadcast…

I see and feel the divine in you and it looks and feels amazing and nourishing to be around.

Take this rest time knowing all is right on time.”

Much love, Raphael

It was so good to sit in the warm sun yesterday with Jelelle at the edge of flowing water grounding in the new year.


77 Words Of Inspiration - Tue. Jan 3, 2023

“However ‘ungodly’ you feel about yourself, others judge you as, this is all a ruse for the God being that you ARE.

The deeper question is why would parts of you, the world, the matrix go to such lengths to convince you otherwise?

….because they’re all ‘evil’ and want to impede you?

Or is it more like you are one BIG being that’s working through all you are for the full revelation that is to come?”

Much love, Raphael

I love these old ‘ruins’ that can be found wherever you are here in Portugal. They speak of lifetimes lived in the same location in terms of geography, yet such a different location in time and energy. What was life really like however many hundreds of years ago for whomever lived here? How was it more alive in some ways and not in others? We gaze upon the same views and are offered a portal to the past and in that, are offered a portal to the present and the future as well, the future that our hearts know is not only possible, but actually here now, calling to us.

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