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Divine Ambassadorship During The Vaccine False Med Narrative

I haven’t written about the current mainstream false medicine (covid vaccines i.e. gene mutation bioweapons) narrative in awhile as my focus when sharing has been in other domains and with other energies. Yet, this narrative is pressing into all of our lives, even those of us who consciously anchor into higher frequency energies inside and out most of the time.

For me, it is showing up in serving women in sessions who have been involved in the false med narrative in one form or another. Within their relationship as their partner has chosen it and they have not. Or, as a healer serving those who have chosen it and feeling impacts from it physically, emotionally, and energectically. Or, those who have chosen it, feel remorse, and want to detox/heal/upgrade from it.

If you are uncertain or unclear about the very true and real dangers of the false med and the growing number of severe injuries and sudden deaths from them, there are many very good and reliable resources out there (including a growing number of awakening medical doctors) who can share more about that. Disclosure of the sudden and ‘unexplained’ deaths and injuries is increasing as a rising wave of them occurs from those who chose the false med. The stories of loss of life, vitality, and loved ones are truly heart breaking and coming out everywhere now.

As I feel these souls drawn to me in session who have been impacted by the false med narrative, it becomes clear fairly quickly that there is a deeper soul choice going here on a higher level. The false med ultimately represents a bifurcation, a means to illuminate those who are moving forward with humanity’s ascension and those who are preparing to go or even choosing to leave the Earth Plane using the false med as the means.

On a higher level, there is much Divine love, grace and acceptance for ALL choices around this. ALL are sacred and very very unique to each soul. Humanity, Consciousness and the Divine ultimately has all this orchestrating a higher timeline.

Yet, from a human experience level and especially for parts of us such as the inner teenager, inner child, inner protector, etc. it can be a very challenging and even devastating feeling experience to go through the death and rebirth process going on here, especially as so many souls fell under programmed pressure around it and aren’t conscious of the harmful aspects of it or their soul choice around it. And even when experiencing debilitating and long-term symptoms from the med (and many now losing loved ones from it), parts of them are still in denial around it.

Relationships (from birth family to romantic to long-term friendships) have been greatly impacted by the illness and false med narratives over the last two and a half years, in ways that have both illuminated/fractured them and unified them. Polarizations that were once able to be ‘made nice or polite’ have surged up and sudden conflicts, judgements and shame, rejection and invalidation energies have all come forward. These energies were often underground the relationships to begin with as those who are awakening find their voice, their advocacy and their desire for resonance in a process that often requires opposition before resonance can be truly let in and advocated.

These are painful energies to feel within us and in our relationships. These polarizing energies are supported by the same Matrix systems and programs that offer these narratives. They run on these energies, even though I have long shared that the ‘original programmers’ of the Matrix and the narratives seem to be gone (when I go to connect with them in ambassadorship). The human elite/cabal members are running on inertia and hugely plugged in with personal ego gratification into these programs through their family blood lines. They are seeing it out as their Great Reset agenda, fused to it in the same way as any one who cannot conceive of going against it or rebelling.

It has been a challenging time for those of us who have seen the narrative for what it is from the beginning. Challenging at times to find the peace, to hold it in forgiveness, to feel compassion for ALL involved, to understand the soul choices going on….of course that is what the Divine is offering us. And sometimes that is accessible. And sometimes parts of you may go into conflict, rage, shame and blame, feeling very hurt and rejected and just plain terror or fear.

To feel the parts of you (and soul aspects) who have been on this particular battlefield and how this has felt for them is a big aspect of the healing and moving into more inner grace. There are often deep tears to feel and shed with this part of you and a rescue of sorts as you invite them off the battlefield and into a peaceful (inner) setting where they can rest and recover surrounded by Divine love and light. The wounded healer can particularly get hooked here, thinking they need to ‘save’ people from the false med in some way and sacrificing themselves and their own health in some cases.

As this recuperation happens with the part who most needs it, then your Divine Self can more be felt, more step in and more lead the way forward to respond to the next choice points and decisions needed by you, setting boundaries too as needed.

There truly is no ‘good versus evil’ in the polarized way that we’ve been conditioned to feel it. There are agendas running behind the false med narrative who aren’t disclosing their full purpose and means, which is ultimately a controlling and manipulative energy that wants to heal and move out into transparency…feels like the ultimate result of this narrative as more souls awaken to it.

Continuing to battle only brings more polarization and pain. Becoming an ambassador to the shadow and parts of you who are most suffering around this, as your primary focus, offers so much healing and movement. And, if you feel guided, to offer ambassadorship to both those who have been plugged into this narrative and those who are controlling it as I have often been guided to do, there is quite a service there in that as you offer an alternative and bridge to the Divine.

I have been guided all along that this is a necessary dark phase some souls are moving through as an important aspect of our Ascension process and to surrender to the Divine even while feeling into each personal decision around it with Divine guidance. Yet, darkness is always temporary with often immense gifts even with the hard and painful experiences.

We truly ARE love, are light, are vitality, are sacred. The rest are programs that will run their course, run out, and eventually no longer exist in human experience.


Jelelle Awen


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