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"Does working with parts of the self and soul aspects cause even more fragmentation?"

A common question that comes up in intros with me for those interested in 1:1 sessions is, "Does working with parts of the self and soul aspects cause even more fragmentation?" It's a reasonable question that I find is usually coming from the Inner Protector part, who can be resistant to opening up access to the parts and eventually the soul field. The resistance comes from them already usually feeling overwhelmed from the reality of fragmentation ALREADY within us. From the vigilance of protecting from perceived threats, trying to prevent any more harms and hurts to the younger parts of you, and also from feeling like there may not be enough YOU there (as a Divine Self) to hold what would come up and out of these parts and soul aspects if allowed space. We are already living in a fragmented reality, first out of the Divine and then out of our soul family monads and eventually our own soul into so many different soul aspects/timelines/lifetimes. And in 3D, born into it, and the fragmentation in parts of our self and personality is a result of this. We don't create the fragmentation in our SoulFulllHeart work, we acknowledge it and relate with it. We name it, get to know it and work it in. We cry together, we laugh together, we are challenged together and we heal together. Eventually, through the process of group calls and sessions, the fragmented reality of the 3D self comes into more integration and wholeness as each part just naturally moves into more of their leading edge expression and out of wounding, hurt, lower dense frequencies of trauma anchoring (usually kept there by the Inner Protector's overprotection of them!) As the 3D self truly unanchors from this traumatized reality then the soul field can open up access to the lower 4D karmic field (where the traumatized soul patterns live out over and over) and eventually anchor into the 5D Metasoul field, where these patterns are resolved and healed. All of this leads to more and more feelings of WHOLENESS, even as you are being with these parts of yours and soul aspects in dialogue, in heart space holding, in shared tears together. I have experienced this myself so many times over the years...that truly being with and feeling a part of myself or soul aspect allows for more return to my centered self. In SoulFullHeart sessions, we create a safe, compassionate and curious space to allow the reality, feelings and voice of these parts to come out....and we start FIRST with the Inner Protector who gets to share about what their resistance to accessing the parts/soul aspects, although also they are VERY ready to rest as well. I as the facilitator asks them questions and draws their energy from you....and you feel your Divine Self able to respond to them and other parts of you too, for perhaps the first time being separate from them. Your Divine Self becomes much more clear and present to you as well in your energy, as the bridge to them eventually becomes the essence that you embody. There are def. some people who are not stable enough inside to go on this deeper dive into the parts/soul aspect reality so, for them, the process could be destabilizing. They usually aren't guided to reach out to us in that case, finding other ways and means of healing. And this is also why we check in with the Inner Protector to make sure that there is a readiness of this. Yet, if you are drawn to what I am describing here, then you have probably created enough base of center, enough Divine Self that your Inner Protector/Gatekeeper feel you ARE ready for this next step and upgrade for yourself and soul. Doing more intros and sessions with souls new to the process lately has really reawakened my heart to the goodness of this SoulFullHeart way of being with the self and soul. It is MY way too of responding and living and being in relationship with Raphael all these years too. I am happy to share this with my soul family who are drawn as well. I am seeing that some souls who have been long awakening this life (and have often done so much work, wow!) are really ready for a tipping over into deeper expression of their soul purpose expression, soul family/mate reunion experiences, moving beyond scarcity/stuckness/lack/body pains...and into goodness, abundance of love, nourishing relationships and more. It is really is time to move out of trauma being the growth ground and goodness being the way of experiencing life (while still growing.) It is my honor to support this process within them and grow/learn from it myself every time as well. Info about free intros and 1:1 sessions (which are 55 euros for 90 minutes) over zoom with me, Raphael or Kasha at Send me a PM, email or via our contact form here. Many guided meditation videos in this Deepen 2022 series if you want to start the journey of discovery within: There is much more about this in my book Free To Be 5D in print/ebook/audio/PDF versions with links at Love, Jelelle Awen Pic is from a recent group process together, digesting some completions and offering comfort and love to parts of us as soul family.

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