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Eclipse Energies Supporting Womb/Hara Clearing & Empowerment

The energies of this hybrid solar eclipse, leading into the lunar eclipse on 5/5, are lending themselves to an experience of ‘womb purging’ for women and something similar for men in their haras - and it’s all an expression of a shift from what hasn’t been empowering, what has felt like performance instead of being real and authentic in order to grab and gain and/or retain. It’s a time for reevaluation of what has and hasn’t truly reflected who you are and what you feel resonant with in your relationships, your career/livelihood, and even the spiritual groups/practices around you.

‘Shadow hunting’ or digging around in the inner soil to see what could be there isn’t necessary as these themes seem to be emerging as needed and to varying degrees. It’s a ripe time to digest how your relationships especially have unfolded so far in your life as well as what you most want, need, and deserve to experience going forward. Sometimes the contrast has to become more obvious to parts of us in order to truly see and feel this and to arise into your true sense of self-worth.

This is where it gets more challenging to be with the ongoing journey of letting real love in and allowing it to move and illuminate what it needs to in your inner and outer worlds, both. The unworthiness comes up to be felt sometimes in strong waves during this process and there’s so much to tenderly feel about this with parts of you and also your womb/hara as this surfaces.

If you’re in a phase of letting in new waves of love inside and out, between parts of you, between you and the Divine, between your heart and the heart of another in sacred union exploration, there is much that wants and needs to move from the womb/hara space to let in what’s true and real in your new NOW experience. As more love is invited and comes into you and through you, often a ‘purge’ experience also moves through. I’ve personally experienced this, even recently, as DEEP tears that seem to come from the true heart of a part (or parts) of you that has experienced pain in ways that are only now being illuminated and the pain is then able to flush up and out. Sometimes there are body reactions as well, as the energies of the old are poulticed out to make room for the new in your physical vessel too.

Nothing activates and also moves us in the way that a whole new experience of love can and does… the clearing that wants to happen is so worth holding space for, even as it may feel shaky and vulnerable to go there. These Eclipse energies are supporting this ongoing journey and process of feeling all there is to feel as these waves of new possibilities move in and through your being, bringing up fears and tears in parts/soul aspects of you to be held, felt, and deeply loved.

This coming weekend, Raphael Awen will be hosting a men’s call focused on Sacred Masculine Hara Healing on Saturday (April 22) and Jelelle Awen and I will be hosting a women’s call focused on Sacred Feminine Womb Healing on Sunday (April 23). These  calls are intended to support your journey of sacred empowerment, finding and feeling your deepest truths, and moving into a more loving space within and with all parts of you, that can then transact more deeply on the outside in your outer relationships. There is more info available here for both calls:

We hope to have you join us as you feel into the support you need in your own journey of feeling and clearing your womb/hara space!




Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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