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Embodying Sacred Feminine Sexuality Within

*Why you won’t catch me getting naked on socials, but you will feel my feminine energies anyhow…*

I once dabbled in a bit of modeling.

Some of it was clothed, some of it was nude. Some of it was for the sake of creativity, telling a story… some of it was purely for attention and/or for trying to express something in myself that had felt suppressed for so long.

It was namely my sexual expression that was trying to come out and would actually draw situations to me that weren’t favorable or desired and I’m so grateful it didn’t need to get deeply traumatizing before I chose to stop. For parts of me though, it was all some form of ‘love’ and being seen by the masculine and it validated some aspect of being attractive but also invalidated so much more about myself, my soul, my heart.

Sacred feminine sexual expression is more than being willing to look alluring, to energize some hyper form of feminine sexuality that is more about putting it ‘out there’ rather than holding it ‘in here’ - in the seat of your heart and your embodiment of womanhood that is unique to you.

We don’t need to be naked or even partially naked to express this. It’s an energy that flows out from feeling truly nourished and loved up by the Divine, from mating within ourselves and with all of life, from simply BEING feminine in the great mystery of what that even IS. Then when nudity happens, it’s held so much more preciously and exclusively with a beloved mate or with the Divine who truly treasures the experience of beholding you in that way.

I’ve found since my healing/self-discovery journey in SoulFullHeart began 11 years ago, that every aspect of my feminine energies and expression has been felt into, worked, freed up, with so much desire and curiosity leading.

I’ve felt into those years of ‘modeling’ where the seductress aspect of me would sometimes come out to play, afraid that we wouldn’t get attention if we didn’t do what we were doing.

I’ve felt into the unworthiness and let it come up to be held in my heart with so many tears with parts of me over the years, who felt as if they were deeply unattractive in all ways, and couldn’t even be accepted by the Divine.

I’ve also felt priestesses in my Metasoul, who used sexuality as a way to create magic… for better or worse. And then there have been nun Metasouls too who have run in the opposite direction.

The list goes on, and the discoveries are endless. Feminine sexuality and sexual expression is complex and the journey into feeling and healing it is necessary. We are called to be doulas for the New Earth, reframing what it means to feminine in a world that seems to be getting more and more lost in the Matrix-hijacked (and False Light-hijacked) version of it.

It’s a world where we are told what it is and isn’t and it’s either being exploited or feels non-existent at times without a real sense of true embodiment and being held in the sacred feminine, healing and alive heart.

Join me and Jelelle Awen this coming Sunday, March 26, as we dive into this topic of Sacred Feminine Sexuality. It’s a very warm and held space of discovery, where you may find and feel the protection and/or layers of pain that live in parts of you around your sexuality in this (or other) lifetimes. It’s a juicy topic that extends far beyond the literal act of intercourse and goes into the experience of co-creatorship with the Divine and all of life itself. For more info on this and other calls, visit

Lots of love from my sacred feminine expression to yours!

Kasha ♥️

Photo of me was taken by Raianna Shai while thinking about a certain masculine who has entered into my life and heart (who I’ll definitely be posting about more soon as he’s coming here next week!!) ♥️🔥 Sparking up the feminine sexuality within in a whole new way now… 😊🌹


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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