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Good Friday/Easter Energies: Surrendering To The Death And Rebirth Process With Love

I’m under the weather on this Good Friday myself, yet I still feel the Magdalenes today and the joyful sorrow, sobriety, and gifts of the Easter Season… the messages of death and resurrection. I feel the ‘death’ that even my own body seems to be going through at the moment, though in a very minor way, as I feel this personal process of clearing the old to make (more) room for the new.

We aren’t invited to embrace our ‘deaths’ in order to become martyrs. We embrace them in order to become what we came here to be… purified beacons of love for ourselves and others. We came here to ‘die’ to our Matrix conditioning, to continue to awaken, to deepen our service and embodiment of love.

One of the most striking pieces for me from the Yeshua crucifixion story, is how he didn’t choose to surrender to the journey of it for the sake of creating battles or illuminating ‘evil’…

He chose it so that we too could see how we can become bridges to the shadow in the world through the love in our hearts, through Love Ambassadorship.

He chose it so that we too could look beyond ‘body death’ and move into higher consciousness, awareness and nurturing of our light bodies, and feel any fears of what embracing that might involve.

He chose it so that we could witness, through his example, how to surrender to the ‘crucifixions’ of life… how to surrender to our necessary phases of death and rebirth, trusting the Divine through it all, feeling loved no matter what we are facing inside or out (or both).

I feel how for all of us, our continued awakening, healing, self-discovery, and Divine Self embodiment journeys are unending and sometimes unyielding in where they need to take us. I feel how they bring us to new places of love if we (and parts of us) are ready for that.

The journey in and of itself needn’t be miserable at its core. We aren’t made to suffer unendingly for the sake of reconciling with our soul’s story, our karma, and decisions we or parts of us have made. We are instead offered that we can feel all of these pieces through the eyes of love, and hold that all of it, even the darkest aspects of our personal journeys, have been necessary somehow.

Lots of love to you as you feel these Easter energies and all the hope, love, and guidance they want to offer YOU!



Raphael and Jelelle will be hosting a group call on Zoom this Easter Sunday that will focus on Inner Sacred Union… a process close to my heart and foundational for reconciling the journey I’ve described here too - feeling your inner masculine and feminine parts and the ways in which they may have been polarized to each other, is so important for our ongoing awakening and Ascension journeys and our lives are impacted by these dynamics in so many ways. You can find more info here:


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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