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Message Of Support From Your Star Family

In this phase of increasing exposure of the darkness that has long prevailed over your Earth Plane,

In this disclosure of the fear, the control, the manipulation, the suppression of humanity within this false Matrix,

In this dark night phase of ancient agendas and false narratives with disconnected purposes, hidden motivations, and violent means of execution....

We invite you to feel in this moment the bigger purpose in this experience,

the choices your soul has made for your greatest healing,

the hope that exists in every moment,

the origins that have been seeded for Humanity's bright future that lives within you.

WE are here with you always,

your galactic soul family, soul aspects, future selves, and beloved guides.

We come from planets that have been through this dark cycle, suffered within in, learned throughout it, and now live in the light.

We come from worlds that long fought the wars that stem from unhealed polarizations and dualities, the shadow and light seeking a mirror in the other, and then finding balance as they embrace and forgive each other.

We have been rewarded with ongoing experiences of deep peace, cooperation, and unity in our inner and outer worlds.

We transmit this experience of dark transmuting to light for you to receive.

We are HERE with you always as a reminder of reconciliation and what is possible in ANY moment to experience...

raise your frequency beyond the physical 3D plane, lift your vibration UP beyond the fear, the doubt, the battles, the push-pulls, the suffering, open your heart to feel it ALL and receive Divine grace in response.

We are HERE to support your brave journey this life with forgiveness, Divine surrender, and love... to assist in humanity's ascension out of the dark and into the light.

Continue to remember WHY you are here, to seed light in the darkness, to offer a way forward, and ALL the support you need will come to you in many forms.

We love you always, Your Star Family W/Jelelle Awen


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