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Re-balancing Your Heart Presence During This Equinox

Sometimes coming back into balance, as the Equinox invites us to, involves looking into mirrors held up by love. Sometimes it involves truly humbling ourselves to where we are on our journeys of awakening and Ascension, embracing the path we’re on without looking too far ahead or trying to leapfrog over the process at hand.

I feel humbled this morning, especially by the Sacred Union journey, which is so not just about sacred romance. It truly is about falling in love and honouring love’s movements in all ways. It’s about surrendering to its pull, its presence, the path it wants to take you on, inside and out.

Yesterday was a deep process for me on our sacred group day here in Portugal, of letting go of a way of relating to the exploration of love, especially romantic love, but even more it was a process of letting in love, letting in the depths and dynamics of the exploration, and letting in the love that surrounds me and lives in my bonds with my beloveds here in this community all over again. Parts of me have had a tendency to lose themselves so much in the process of falling in love with a man, that it can become challenging at times to truly honour and maintain the other connections that are so dear to me.

I don’t feel I’m alone in this process, as the pull of a soulmate on your horizon is often an all-consuming thing to be with and surrender to. My other loves though, including service of love with women, my sacred feminine aspects within me, and my closest beloveds on the outside all deserve that same level of heart and attention and it’s not beyond my capacity to hold it/them all in my heart with equal care and tenderness. Maybe this hasn’t felt possible in other lifetimes or even in this one for whatever reason, yet this morning I feel my heart expanding out yet again to hold every love in my life with this tenderness all over again.

Sometimes the equilibrium we’re invited into within and without really does feel challenging to respond to. We get used to being off-balance and it takes a wake-up call to help us shake it off and come back to our own sacred and personal expression of balance. I’m learning this all over again during this Equinox passage. And… I also feel, as I so often do, full permission to take this digestion to a place far beyond self-shaming or punishment for being off-kilter and instead to feel it all as a part of my ongoing journey. If we aren’t allowed to be off-balance from time to time, we don’t get to enjoy these times of moving back into ourselves and the appreciation of how that feels… landing back in our truest hearts.

May this Equinox passage be a sacred time of rebirth back into whatever ‘balance’ IS for you… a true self-care, care for others, and a process of letting in how loved you are, no matter where this rebirth may take you.


Kasha ♥️

Jelelle Awen and I will be hosting a women’s call this coming Sunday, March 26. It will be by donation as always and we will focus on Sacred Feminine Sexuality… yet another arena where we are invited to come back into balance! More info here:


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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