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Recent Full Moon Amplified Womb Clearing, Claiming Worth In Sacred Union

As this particular full moon phase moved through, I found myself feeling so much stirring in my feminine lover, and especially in my womb.

It’s felt quite a bit more amplified, this process of clearing the womb space. Some of what has been moving for me has been personal, letting go of the old ‘seeding’ from past romances in order to make room for the new one that’s emerging in my life. This process has been tearful and fearful in waves, as old patterns with the masculine in relationships have been highlighted and brought up in light of this brand new (in this lifetime anyways) love and everything he brings that’s different… even more heart-centered and soulful, expansive and elevated, grounded and openly emotional.

Along with making room for him, I’ve felt myself digesting and processing the pain of women everywhere, who have chosen to settle in their romances with parts of them more fearful than trusting in their heart’s deepest desires. There were times when parts of me couldn’t trust the sense of, ‘this isn’t enough, is it?’ or a sense of something being off, not aligning in some very needed ways. This can be subtle as it comes up, but then the voice of the heart (and soul) starts to get louder and louder, harder to medicate or drown out with other parts of you speaking from a voice that says ‘you’re dreaming… and dreams don’t come true. This is as good as it gets’.

It’s so challenging to let go, to make that choice to truly let yourself in… to choose yourself, to choose not only your ‘dreams’ but what you know somehow in the deepest caverns of your very womb, the portal through which true sacred union can be remembered and lived into. It can feel so far-fetched. For a time I even had to consciously try and let go of the dream in a way, knowing that what I wanted and needed was becoming clearer, yet wasn’t materializing just yet and perhaps wouldn’t in this lifetime.

To let go of my last sacred romance, I had to choose my parts. I had to choose to not let them suffer in unending, unresolvable loops. I had to choose to listen more to that voice in my heart, soul and womb that invited me persistently to trust what I knew I was worth… what I had been healing to truly claim I was worth.

My tears I felt as ALL of this moved through, were about this process and what it takes, the strength and resolve you need to muster up, and the journey of feeling all there is to feel in order to experience more love circulating within you and with the Divine, primarily. My tears were also for those who are unsupported on the outside to truly choose and live into this process. It’s likely that if they have anyone in their worlds who is close to them, they probably are ‘supporting’ them from a place of their own stickiness and stagnancy, rather than a lived-in and loved-up bravery within themselves to make choices and changes that are truly needed for their greatest sense of well-being, their deepest growth, and a true feeling of aligning with their soul AND heart.

Jelelle and I will be leading guided meditation calls for women from now until June that will focus on various Sacred Union themes. Our next one is March 26th and it will focus on Sacred Feminine Sexuality, which is a huge part of the self-claiming and self-worth process I’m highlighting in this writing today. If you’re curious about these calls, visit

I also offer 1:1 sessions for women and we could even meet for a free 45min intro call to talk about what you need support for in your current process. More info here:




Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.


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