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Renewed Push of C and V Matrix Narratives W/Need for Soul Guidance & Social Resonance

Matrix intensities are increasing, along with a heightened pressure again of the more outward implementations of the Great Reset agendas. There is a renewed push through the mainstream media of the C and V narratives with potential lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask wearing coming…and V campaigns promising to address the ‘new and latest’ deadly variants, etc.

So much ongoing personal discernment and intuition is needed during this phase of our Ascension. Every choice point needing to be grounded in your soul’s higher guidance and trying not to succumb and comply with 3D social pressures and fear programs/conditionings, especially as it relates to anything being recommended by 3D authorities.

The latest round of ‘wildfires’ is also a more blatant and tragic pushing forward of the agenda. These fires, esp in Maui, really seem to be anything but natural yet rather very calculated energy weapons being used on specific desirable geographic locations (that often have energy roots/grids to Lemuria) that are planned to eventually become 15 minute smart cities. Eventual restrictions on what we eat, how we live, how we travel, what we wear, where we go, how we ‘act’ on social media, what we share, even our private thoughts….all of this is part of the bigger agenda. This is not hidden or any kind of theory, yet rather shared at every one of their meetings, in various books they have written, and on official websites as well.

All of it is presented as for the good of humanity and the planet. On one level of presentation, it can seem even acceptable or rational in a strange way. Yet, seen and felt from a higher perspective and from the discernment of the higher heart….. the control, tyranny, and depopulation elements become clearer.

I have been guided that ultimately ALL of it is part of a sacred phase for us, even this current and ongoing darkness, however it manifests. There are many soul lessons being learned through these crucibles and many souls are waking up that haven’t in many lifetimes of being in the Matrix reality since the fall of Atlantis/Lemuria. The bifurcation that is occurring inside of the soul and in social relationships is a necessary one to ultimately move into a higher timeline.

I continue to feel that THIS is the lifetime ultimately in which this Matrix and hijacked reality will collapse and that is why so many of us as way showers/star seeds/Magdalenes are here now. Yet, also, that that collapse will have a messy phase for all of us, including potentially much loss of human life. There can only be a rebirth if there has been a death and loss, it is the natural cycle of life that we can surrender into.

On a soul level, each soul chooses their ways and means to experience being in the body here and this phase of Ascension. Each soul plays their part and role, even what we could see as a dark role. Even choosing to comply or follow the narratives is a sacred choice for that soul. Trying to save or rescue anyone, convince anyone of the darker agenda, argue and defend against it…. doesn’t offer a means of true love exchange, surrendered centeredness within, and is usually futile anyway. You can become a beacon instead to those who are ready themselves to move through this.

I hold a love ambassador’s perspective and in my daily life continue to make self loving choices related to my social, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. I respond to those who ask me specific questions, are curious to learn more about these matrix agendas, and also want to unplug from them within their own soul field.

My ways of navigating this phase are about remaining very connected to Divine/higher D soul aspect guidance; continuing to connect to soul aspects/parts in my emotional body/soul field in a conscious way; being social only in VERY resonant soul family bonds (including in my sacred union with Raphael); living in a place that offers an abundance of natural resources including clean spring water; staying outside of the 3D control grids as much as possible; saying ‘no’ to the V and continually detoxing my physical vessel through fasting/urotherapy, etc.

This is such a delicate and tender phase to be navigating together. The Divine’s heart of compassion for us is so strong and present.

There is light even in the darkness.

There is love that is stronger than the fear.

There are souls who are resonant with your choices and you will find each other.

Each of us can arise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Accessing the Divine spark within you allows for the ongoing navigation of this challenging time.

Much, much love to you….

Jelelle Awen

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