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Soul Remembrances In The Magical Buçaco Forest, Portugal

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

January 27, 2023- First Visit

I'm still digesting the magic of the beautiful place that Raphael, Gabriel and I visited yesterday called Buçaco Forest, about an hour's drive from us here in central Portugal. This 105 hectare forest and functioning five star palace hotel is truly a special place with many timelines layered over it from the various groups/eras that have claimed and stewarded it, each leaving their own special additions to it.

It was amazing to connect with and do light language talking again with older and bigger trees that were brought here, such as Douglas firs, Cedars, Ash, and Redwood/Sequoias that we haven't seen since leaving Canada. Also it was quite a meditative activation to walk up and down the ten staircase waterfall (video below to take in the transmission!) originally created in 1880.

We were drawn here to explore the Discalced Carmelite era of the forest, when it was more raw land with some crops, a convent and several small chapels for about 200 years until the royal family took it over in the 1800s, built the palace hotel, and eventually it was under the care of the Portuguese government. The Discalced (shoeless/barefoot) Carmelites are one expression of the Magdalene lineage, reformers of the greed/corruption/darkness of the Catholic Church in their own ways...seeking to recreate the magic and purity of living at Mt. Carmel in the early days of Yeshua's ministry and the Essenes.

My journey the last few years especially has been one of remembrance around how my personal metasoul has expressed and incarnated here on the Earth plane in different Magdalene oversoul/soul family monad phases. This has been a soul and Divinely guided inner/outer exploration into Glastonbury/Avalon and now Portugal with energetic ties to Spain and France.

This process is ultimately a reconciliation inside and out of the separation and fall during Atlantis that veiled and put in the shadows most of our gifts, our accesses, our resonance, our expression, and our community that flowed so naturally during the golden ages of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Those of you who resonate are most likely survivor souls of this fall, holding the codes of grieving it and remembering it, and are part of the Magdalene soul family choosing to incarnate again and again into the 3D Matrix to assist and to water the seeds of remembrance however we can.

Some lifetimes are ones of rest and recovery (as much as possible anyway), usually anonymous and cloistered lives with our soul family such as in Avalon, Celtic Tribes, convents, monasteries and ashrams. And some lifetimes are about seeding the light in the darkness, going 'undercover' into 3D in a sense, feeling separate from the Divine, becoming 'famous' for a purpose, battling for the light as Templars, being persecuted as Cathars/witches etc. and ones of being Lone wolves/cut off from our soul family tribe.

It seems that many of us chose both in this life...a sense of separation and isolation for a phase of life, fusing into the inverted matrix, experiencing difficult and painful birth family dynamics and other traumas as needed to grow and learn. Then an awakening occurring......choosing goodness, love, worthiness, healing, moving out of patterns of toxicity and trauma, inside and out...into soul family and sacred union reunion.

When I visit a soul place like Buçaco Forest, I can start to see/connect/feel my metasoul (like oversoul) sister who lived there, feels like a couple of lifetimes there actually. These feel like lives of relative peace and goodness.....nestled into the trees, drinking and bathing in the magical, quartz rich and clear waters (which are thankfully still pure in our modern timeline), going into deep prayer and meditation states in the simple chapels. In these nun lives, there was also a suppression of sexual desire/alchemy, lack of personal empowerment, no sense of sacred union with a mate to balance the masculine/feminine expression and being in the self punishment/shame energies that block a true experience of the Divine.

It can be challenging to feel these 'past' lifetimes (which aren't really past) in a visceral and real way, so going in the physical to somewhere your soul has incarnated and connecting with your sister/brother 'still' there is a rich experience. Then deepening in relationship with them in meditation as well. In our SoulFullHeart process during sessions and group calls/circles, we bridge to these aspects through your Gatekeeper opening up access to them.

These soul places within and without are a reminder to us......the veils are lifting, the soul gifts are exchanging, the karmic patterns are healing. New Lemuria is arising!

February 1st, second visit -

We were guided to go back to the magical place known as Buçaco Forest, which I shared about with pics and videos on my feed recently. It felt like the perfect place to be during the Imbolc passage, the midway point between winter and spring, the pregnant void space for which intentions can be planted/seeded and eventually birthed.

During this visit to Buçaco, Raphael and I walked along a trail through ancient native forest (very rare in Portugal) and visited a few chapels and hermitages built in the 1600s when the Carmelites took over the land. I could sense in our first visit a soul connection to this place, at least one lifetime there, and a familiarity feeling which is portal to remembrance.

When we went to a humble chapel dedicated to Saint Antão or Saint Anthony, who is considered one of the first 'Christian hermits' aka Magdalenes, I felt my metasoul sister (as we call them in our SoulFullHeart work rather than 'past lives') come through into my field. I sat on the same stone that she was in the Now (as there is no true past or linear time in the quantum field of the soul)....outside the chapel with a vast outlook view to the valley and mountains below. I felt a stirring in my heart and soul field in which sudden tears of reunion with her came up for me as her reality merged in with mine (captured in the pic below.)

I share about this as a 'hosting process' for your metasoul aspects that is not a deep regressive state accessed by others in a therapeutic or clinical setting or just about dropping into the most traumatic moment of these aspect's lives in an abrupt way. Yet, rather, it is a visceral, emotional, physical hosting of their energy into your timeline and they host you in theirs. It is a tender relationship. It is a feeling of communion and soul gift exchange for mutual healing benefit of each of you AND your soul family monad.

This soul aspect is named Maria Rose, a Carmelite nun living in 1730 at the Buçaco Forest Monastery/Convent. She is so peaceful, still and content in her life there at the Carmel, if just slightly confused about how my energies and 'modern timeline' mixes with hers. As we walked the same paths in the woods that she does, I felt her with me and AS me.

I moved into a processional walk pace, in prayer hands the whole time, one foot slowly in front of the other, in contemplation and with deep yogic breathing. In this state, I couldn't feel the significant elevation gain or any strain in the 'exercising'. I had the sense of many priestess/nun lifetimes coming together resonating with this moment and a flash of processionals during my Avalon timelines. It is easier to connect here as so much has been preserved of the natural setting and energies.

I felt her watching Raphael on the path ahead of me with fondness and curiosity, as we remembered together this morning a bond she had with a fellow monk named John, who is Raphael's Metasoul brother. A comfortable, easy, devotional connection exists between them that reflects the same foundations of our sacred union relationship together this life.

We visited a hermitage (small and simple cottage made of stone with a small chapel, sleeping room, and kitchen) that felt like it was beloved to Maria, a place high up on the mountain where she could go to escape the social environment of convent life.

Eventually, a couple hours later, we reached the summit of the mountain with the Cruz Alta/High Cross, with an expansive 360 degree view across the mountain ranges and valleys. I was still 'seeing and feeling' through Maria's reality when as we made the journey back down through the forest. We greeted trees there that she knows so well.....including a huge, tall, and old Buçaco cedar, a cypress that comes from Mexico and was one of the first exotic species to be planted in the forest by the monks in 1656.

We had lunch sitting outside in the sun in front of her renovated convent building with the original facades preserved of mosaics made of quartz and other stones inlaid into tar. I had already been guided to get some of the water from the nearby village of Luso, which is known for being some of the most healing and high frequency in the world. The water comes from rain that lands on the Serra do Buçaco mountain and is filtered primarily through quartz stone. We filled up many jugs of it from the public fountain and have been drinking it since. It tastes just slightly like minerals and my body can't get enough of it!

Today has been a digestion of all this goodness of soul remembrance, along with ongoing deepenings between Raphael and I in our sacred union grounds. We are going feeling more reconciliation of our soul theme/history bonds and configurations of priestess/king and priestess/priest/monk/nun, etc. in many lifetimes. In these reconciliations, more love becomes available, deeper intimacy, and more collaboration of our soul gifts, and appreciation of our shared devotion to the Divine frequencies.

We seem to both be going through a time of accelerated soul initiations and activations with the Magdalenes in areas of sacred sexuality, alchemy, creativity, healing soul blocks/limitations, false god/false light, and more. We are capturing these experiences to share in our book called The Great Reconciliation, which is turning into a process to go through ourselves and then sharing the channelings, experiences, insights that come through as we do in the book.

This really is a lifetime where so much is coming together. A time of reconciling so many incarnations that can NOW be bridged to in fluidly. A time where shadow can meet light; sin can meet forgiveness; fear can meet love....and be transformed!

Love, Jelelle

March 4th, third visit - We went back to our now beloved Buçaco Forest, about an hour's drive from us here in central Portugal. It is an 105 hectare forest and functioning five star palace hotel with origins as a Benedictine and Carmelite monastery for hundreds of years. Each visit brings in different energies to feel and this time Raianna came along with us, bringing her unique joy, aliveness, and Gaia/Fairie connection.

This time we connected to some of the older and taller trees and ferns in the valley...Douglas Firs, Redwoods, and a 73 meter tall Eucalyptus, all of which were brought into the forest from other countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia. I laid my third eye on a particularly old and tall Redwood and felt the coding of "I am home" moved through into my chakras and ground through my root. This redwood also connected me to the 'root network' of Redwood Trees of my teenagehood/adulthood in Northern California, where I would camp and hike amongst them regularly.

I also felt a familiar soul sadness and sobriety in connecting with a Metasoul aspect from a lifetime there, a Carmelite nun named Maria. I felt Maria strongly the last time I visited with Raphael and even sat with her for time by one of the remote chapels and walked with her for a time on a favored trail.

In her life, she knew some Divine connection, contentment and peace....yet also was missing her connection with the Magdalenes and not getting to explore sacred union with a Carmelite priest/monk named John (the metasoul brother of Raphael in that life). Their inability to truly be together was a constant obstacle and source of sadness, even as they were deep soul friends and communicated in stolen glances and silent walks together in the woods.

This suppression of romantic and sexual desire is one of the interesting grounds to explore when going into sacred sexuality...healing the 'sinful' programming and allowing the Divine to hold your exploration together. I find that counterpart mates often have themes of not getting to be together, circumstantial obstacles, and karmic frequencies to feel because of that.

I can so feel when we go to these sacred soul places in the physical how the veils become so thin. There is so much opportunity to connect with the remembrances that once felt and held space for can move into a more expansive place. I feel so grateful to be connected to this sacred place again and can't wait to go back in a few weeks for our Spring Equinox gathering there as a which I have promised Maria I will be in more silence, reverence, and letting in of her energies and finally visit what is left of the convent she lived in as well.

March 20th- Fifth Visit

It has been an intense Equinox passage we are going through with a death and rebirth energy to it...emerging out and through leaving behind energies that are no longer serving to arise into new forms. Now, we are 'officially' into the energies of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, moving beyond the necessary hibernations and caves and withdrawals of winter.

We definitely all experienced this transformational passage during our group gathering over the last three days! We named intentions for the gathering at the beginning of it and I AM energies that we wanted to embody more deeply, feeling this by the completion of it. We shared crystal bowl transmissions, plus group and individual processes to digest and grief completions of previous timelines and configurations. Lots of tears along with the moments of laughter and joy celebrating the movements that are happening now too, the full range as always.

Yesterday, we grounded in these intentions and our group merkabah at our beloved Buçaco Forest, a 105 hectare forest, former Carmelite monastery and functioning five star palace hotel about an hour's drive from us here in central Portugal. It is our most favorite place to go now to connect with higher frequencies, Gaia codes in the trees and water, feel soul aspects come through, bridge to the higher dimensional "Port Of Grail" dimensions here in Portugal...and now, it serves as a bridge between community Gatherings as we plan to go there during our Summer Solstice Gathering in mid-June. It was so beautiful yesterday with new blooms on the trees, lilies, and perfect spring time weather.

I can feel the shifts within me each time we go there, as a marker of my inner movements and processes. I've experienced a lot of karmic clearing in my womb space especially this year so far where I may have gotten hooked previously into caretaking, trying to save, holding on, etc. With the lightening up and resolution in the moment of some more intense womb symptoms (will share more about that later too) I can feel another clearing open up with even less suffering and more capacity to let in goodness.

I've been sharing in previous posts about my connection with a Carmelite nun aspect named Maria who lived in Bucaco in the 1640s. She was much lighter yesterday and enjoyed watching us take pictures, connect with each other, and is most of the time with the Magdalenes in their dimension now anyway. We had been feeling a deep grief and letting go process recently with relationship completions together, so she is freed up now to ascend with soul family. These soul aspects can be anchored into, stuck in certain timelines and places due to looping trauma and we can bridge to them, help them process it, and eventually choice something else/let go.

I could feel the relief yesterday from the dedicated time and space given to feel the grief and all stages of it.

I feel so blessed to be with this treasured group of beloveds with so many shifts and changes going on in the collective and in the world. And, we all see others joining us too in the future, here at our next Gathering and in person....especially more masculines with Kasha's beloved joining us very soon here in the physical.

Do reach out if you feel drawn to connect with us and through the bridge to us of group calls, FB group, sessions, local meditation circles, our next gathering, etc. More info at this website

Much love to you during this sacred Equinox portal and whatever you feel called to let go of and arise into during it!


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