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Soul Sister Journey Appreciation: A Personal Share

A year and a half ago, I moved in with Raianna after the deepest, longest sacred romance I ever had ended for good.

“You’re holding this so well, Kasha”, she would say to me in her gentle way, “just be wherever you are with this, it’s ok.”

“I feel like such a mess, Raianna, but thank you for seeing and feeling me the way you do”, I responded, “you’re such a balm”.

And together we would cry, being real with the grief and the arising hope too that what I truly ached to experience in my multi-dimensional woman’s heart would truly come someday in masculine form. It matched an ache in her too, so she could relate and that also helped so much.

Since then, Raianna and I have navigated a deepening sacred sisterhood experience, walking out so much together. We’ve known each other since 2012, when I first met Raphael and Jelelle (as she is their daughter) and in 2016 she became my very first ‘facilitant’ as I bravely entered the world of space holding in SoulFullHeart. She has always been a dream to hold space for, her soft heart letting in and feeling oh, so much. I always felt how sessions with her were a sacred feminine flow between us. It wasn’t just about giving to her, but also about receiving from her, as she was always so grateful and loving in return and our bond just kept deepening.

This last year and a half saw us living together here in Portugal with two cats and different configurations with a third person coming to stay or live with us for a while for different phases. No matter what happened during those phases of having someone else in our midst, which quite often was intense for all involved for different reasons, we maintained a sense of our goodness together and could return to the brightness and balm of our bond.

I even entered into another romance last year and she herself had different in-and-out phases with her current beloved, a journey which she shared a summary of yesterday on her page. Through different arisings and heartbreaking moments and waves, we’ve held only love for each other even and especially as we’ve also been real about the impact of it on ourselves and each other.

We’ve become only more transparent with each other, truly moving into new grounds of sisterhood that have created a safe place to be truly real, be in rare rounds tension, and continue to come back to a place of mutual respect and reverence. I’ve grown so much as a woman and also as a healer, as has she, because of everything we’ve experienced and walked out together and in support of each other.

As Raianna enters into her renewed sacred union ground with my beloved soul brother, Jasper, our phase of living together is completing. It brings up so much grief and in that grief is an infinite honouring of everything we’ve moved through and held together… all of the deep conversations and exchanges between us, movie nights, brief macrame lessons (she’s an amazing macrame artist), occasional food indulgences, inner ‘Christmas Elf’ activations, joy waves, tears, cat drama, sacred union exploration drama, and more…

I love this being with all my heart and I even love the bittersweetness of this sacred timeline shift we’re in the midst of, for if it all felt ‘easy’ it somehow wouldn’t be as real or as profound.

Thank you, Raianna… for becoming the best sister-friend I never knew I needed but am so, SO grateful I get to have in you (and you in me).




Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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