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The Secret Garden Within The Feminine

By Kasha Rokshana

Every woman has a secret garden inside of her. A sacred place where her feminine purity is kept, watered, grown. Sometimes this garden is secret even to her conscious self, as parts of her have long been conditioned to protect it - and rightfully so.

This 3D Matrix world we were born into has given the feminine more reasons to hide, or rather, be hidden, than reasons to come out of hiding, to emerge, to truly beacon out into a world that actually so needs her.

When her secret garden is so secret that even her inner world forgets that it’s there, her true feminine treasures of stillness, clarity, intuition, sensuality, compassion, fire, flow, ability to hold, ability to anchor into divine love, and so much… are difficult to access and compensated for with energies that aren’t true empowerment, but are instead about control and competitiveness. They aren’t about dancing with a masculine mate, so much as dominating a masculine mate. They are, in many ways, a more masculine construction of what it means to be a woman.

As this secret garden within gets revealed by feeling the parts that have been protecting it and protecting all of the feminine parts that dwell (or would like to dwell) there, there is so much possibility that opens up inside for the inner sacred union experience that wants to live in this space… between the inner masculine, who has had to be so on guard, and the inner feminine aspects who have needed protection from Matrix energies until there was enough ‘centered you’ there to anchor the trust and safety needed for these energies to actually have a relationship in a healthier way.

The once secret garden starts to shift into a sacred garden… no longer needing to be so secret. Until a man comes along on the outside who would really, really like access to what’s inside, which may bring up some hiding and protection all over again. Yet, perhaps he’s had his own version of all this to feel inside his masculine being. And maybe, just maybe, their two inner and outer worlds can now collide into the beautiful chaos of sorting out just how they can and are meant to intersect and interact… how they can transact deepening love in a romantic bond that resonates on all levels.


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.


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