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We Claim You: Message From The Magdalenes

Message from the Magdalenes - You, golden one... In a world of so much black and white. You offer light... and we see you even when you are surrounded by darkness. You, pure one... In a world of so much fakery Your realness emanates and we feel you even when others have felt threatened. You, brave one... In a world of so much conformity Your truth speaks and we hear you even when it feels like no one else can. You, loving one... In a world of so much hatred and fear Your heart beacons out... and we claim you over and over again as your family. Love, The Magdalenes W/Jelelle ~ I felt tears as this came through....felt like it was a message to those of you who feel alone most of the no one 'gets you', not seen by the world around you or only seen as threatening to their worldview in some way, not appreciated for your purity and your truth telling, not honored for your realness. I feel the Magdalenes so strongly wanting to connect with those in their lineage and I personally feel a deeper invitation to be a beacon of that move even more into an 'outreach' phase in SoulFullHeart to find and draw those of you who are resonant with us as a community and our way of life, ready to fall in love and even change your life to be WITH that love. My heart is opening to let in more of you in closer ways, deeper ways...letting the sometimes painful experiences with others in the past dissolve in love with the Divine...and OPEN UP even more to love ALL and especially those who are returning now to us. We are finding our way out of the separation phase and into remembrance again on all levels of inner/outer sacred union relationships..... I feel the seeds of our sacred union group call series with Yeshua and Mary in my womb and heart space too, watered by this dream and wish, more firmly planted by our livestream about it yesterday. More info to join us here. Come closer if you feel drawn, not as 'client' yet as friend, family member, beloved...more info about our sessions, events, SoulFullHeart Portal FB group, writings/books here at our website. I don't know who painted this of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene yet I really love how it captures the magic between them and within the Magdalene family connections...

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