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Winter Solstice Codes Of Going Inward, Reclaiming All Within You

By Kasha Rokshana

Winter Solstice codes offer heavy blankets of stillness, covering the awaiting blooms and blossoms within, offering a place to gestate in surprising warmth as the new continues to arise.

It’s a powerful invitation of moving inward from the outward, of refocusing and reviving your love and care for yourself, all parts of you, your sacred body vessel, your stories of now and then and what will be. It’s a time to curate and collect the visions of what wants to become true inside of you and in your life, while feeling what wants to be let go of and what parts of you need to be reclaimed.

The Inner Sacred Union experience of uniting your masculine and feminine aspects is a powerful part of this. It’s a journey I seem to be rebooting personally right now and can share humbly from that place - a place within my inner world where my masculine and feminine energies can meet in a renewed courtship and feel what being in union truly means beyond ideals yet with dreams and desires intact as well. This is a ground I’ve been working to go deeply into for some time, yet the deeper places of it inside of me are just now being entered.

At times the conflicts within between masculine and feminine have felt like twisting tree branches, responding to a powerful vortex inside and turning themselves into new and sometimes churning shapes. There have been edges that then come out to others on the outside, projections of the inner conflicts being put onto others and onto life itself, in moments. There have been waves of mentally moving too quickly and putting so much effort into ‘figuring out’ or ‘tracking’ what’s happening within and without, that the over-reaching inner masculine has caused as he tries to support my feminine while sometimes has been locked out of the heart space - her coveted domain.

The stillness of Solstice is offering me a passage in which to feel all of this while life moves along at its current clip. I feel the love of the Divine Mother in response to where I’m going inside, reminding me of the gestation period this all represents and is part of as the inward blossoms spread outward in their time.

Perhaps you’re feeling some similar invitations at this time of less activity, this time of moving inward even during the bustle and busy of your Christmas experience, if you’re choosing that too. Perhaps the juxtaposition of feeling your inner world getting stiller and going deeper and your outer world in chaos around dissonant relationships and holiday frenzy is what you’re feeling the most. Maybe in that contrast you can also feel how your masculine and feminine aspects within you are clashing and crashing into one another rather than holding each other’s hands and hearts as you navigate your way into the new year/phase/life portal.

Whatever the case may be for your personal Solstice journey, every joy and every tear, every closing and every opening, is ripe to be felt and held and loved. And every single energy inside of you is supported to enter into its own robust experience of love and what it means to truly love and accept itself too.

Blessed SOULstice to you, inside and out!


Kasha ♥️

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Photo is of my little altar ✨

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