SoulFullHeart Co-Creators/Teachers/Facilitators/Sacred Union Mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen hosted this group transmission call on January, 11, 2020 to connect with the 1:11 Codes/2020 Portal and your Inner Punisher.


The recording has about 45 minutes of teaching with Raphael and Jelelle about the Inner Punisher, and how this part of us relates with things like New Year's Resolutions, change and transformation and making inner and outer changes in an often black/white way or creates punisher-shame loops around it to keep you safe. We shared about how our Inner Punisher transforms to more and more gentle yet direct truth telling, discernment, and clarity to make life changes as you connect with them.

There is then a guided meditation to connect with your Inner Punisher and receive loving energy from Mother Mary and Yeshua. You are then invited to move through the 2020 portal with your Punisher coming along and feel what your intentions are toward 2020.


There are then wonderful sharings from some of those engaging in the SoulFullHeart process through sessions.


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1:11 Codes & 2020 Intentions | Jelelle and Raphael Awen