The focus of this group on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at 10:00am PDT was to learn more about the Ascension codes that are coming in through cosmic energies (from sources such as our Sun, the Great Cosmic Sun, other Planets/Galaxies, etc.) and from Gaia and Inner Earth as well. We will also talk about what codes ARE and how to bridge to your personal experience of them as images, sounds, number sequences, etc. We also talk about the parts of you (such as Inner Protector/Gatekeeper) that need to negotiated with to bring the codes into your field through the crown chakra and what the fears/resistances can be to doing that stemming from other lifetimes/timelines.

The recording has about 40 minutes of teaching with Raphael, Jelelle, and Gabriel sharing our personal experiences as prep to the 11/11 portal, the emotional and karmic soul processes that we are going through that you may be experiencing as well. Raphael and Jelelle then offered a guided meditation to connect you with the 11:11 portal gateway, bring the 11:11 codes into ALL of your chakras, and then enter the portal itself with your Protector and whatever you felt wanted to come 'with you' into the portal.There are touching and inspiring personal sharings from others who attended the call and some who are currently doing sessions with us as well.

We recommend watching and engaging in this video before the transmission:

This group transmission is open to the public. You canreceive the recording for an energy exchange of $15 CAD (about $11 USD). You can access the recording link on g drive through a document on the 'thank you' page you receive after purchasing through your email on purchased on this shop page.

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You can offer a donation of $15 CAD to receive the recording of the other previous group transmissions as well. More info here:


11/11 Ascension Codes Group Transmission | Jelelle and Raphael Awen