The Beloved is the energy of the Divine in a specific frequency as lover and mate that brings you into personal states of gratitude, rapture, and forgiveness as you receive this grace. The Beloved activates your longing for reunion with your counterpart soulmate, which also happens within you between your inner masculine and feminine if you are currently single. And it is all yours freely by birthright, something you never actually lost, only reawaken to as your soul is ready!

SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Divine Union bridges Raphael and Jelelle Awen co-hosted this group call over Zoom on Valentine's Day to provide a transmission of sacred union codes to you from their heart and bond as well as from the physical location in the heart and third eye chakras of the planet in Glastonbury/Avalon.


The focus of this group on Sunday, February 14th was on creating a bridge of connection to the Beloved in the form of the Divine in whatever ways you are meant to experience that now, while feeling your hearts longings for more.


In the recording, there is about 45 minutes of teaching and sharing from Raphael and Jelelle about briding to the Beloved within yourself through inner sacred union; sacred union with a counter/twin or soul mate; devotional frequencies with the Divine AS beloved. We co-led a guided meditation with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene crossing a bridge to the 'Bridal Chamber' of the Beloved for to connect with whatever energies came forward there to meet you. There were then some wonderful sharings from SoulFullHeart Facilitators Aurius Amara and Kasha Rokshana (newly falling in love again!) and others about their experience of the meditation.


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Comments from the call: 

"Thank you for opening this group up to anyone feeling to come, really glad I came today. Sweet, beautiful and tender space and so much resonance for me. Feel myself opening more and more toward meeting my Beloved in life so my soul can keep growing. Blessings to you all and thanks for the sharings. Precious way to spend some time together on Valentines!" February 14th Group Call Participant

"I'm new to this community but it's pretty obvious at this point that I've found myself exactly where I'm meant to be in Divine timing. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. My relationship ended a year ago. This call has helped bring so much clarity to the experience. Much gratitude to all." - February 14th Group Call Participant

"Thank you Jelelle, Raphael,, Aurius, Kasha and all here who shared and participated in this bountifull Opening of hearts and vulnerabilities expressed. I am grateful for this sharing of all of your journeys in process. I look forward to connecting within this group and joining along with all of you in support and community. Thank you for this beautiful opening today. Much love!" February 14th Group Call Participant


Bridge To The Beloved Sacred Union Group Call | Raphael & Jelelle Awen