Romantic relationships between awakening souls offers the most challenging growth ground that brings up our deepest vulnerabilities and fears (our 'trailing edges' as we call them) to the surface. Navigating a sacred relationship with a partner in a consistently loving, vulnerable and nourishing way for both of you is about being able to understand, connect, and feel to what is happening within you for parts of you, heal the polarized dynamics within you, and then overflow that self love in relationship with them.

Couples Sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators/Divine Union Teachers/Twin Flames Raphael and Jelelle Aewn over Zoom or in person in Glastonbury, UK offers a new, fresh, and effective way to navgiate sacred union.  Rather than focusing on the 'horizontal ground' of the relationship as most couples/marriage counseling sessions or on 'saving the relationship, a SoulFullHeart Couples sessions is centered around each invidual and their processes. Each partner gets an even amount of time to share their process and 'drop into' a part (s) of themselves. You then become witness to the other's process which increases your capacity of compassion, empathy, and forgiveness toward each other. 

Raphael and Jelelle provide a safe space for each partner to explore the depths of their vulnerabilities, fears, desires, suppressed truths, relationship traumas, etc without fear of retribution, conflict, or defensive reaction from their partner. We alternate serving as Facilitator for both partners, alternating asking questions and offering reflections in order to provide to both a sacred masculine and a sacred feminine template of loving sacred union to you. We have been in personal parts process and soul aspect integration work for over 15 years and in sacred union relationship together for most of that time, so our experience of the 'inner' approach serving the outer bond is the place from which we serve the love in your relationship.


During the session(s), we will feel your emotional body reality and how parts of you (especially your Inner Protector/Inner Masculine) may be expressing in your life in different ways as they digest with you what the relationship has been and brought up for you. Each partner will go on a powerful meditative journey with us to connect with your Protector, Inner Child, and/or a Metasoul aspect/timeline aspect in order to start creating a bridge to these parts/aspects. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene will also come through us with any messages and guidance to you as Divine sacred union templates and guides holding the space.

Once you purchase the couples session through this shop page, you will receive a document that offers next steps in scheduling the 3 hour session through contacting Raphael and Jelelle via the email. The document also offers questions for you to answer, an article about parts work to read, and a guided meditation with them to do prior to the session.


These are the questions for each partner to answer prior to the session:

* What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a couples session and how do you feel the process could help your relationship?
* What is your biggest pain/suffering about in the relationship?
* What is your biggest desire for your relationship?
* Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you.


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Couples Session w/Raphael and Jelelle Awen