We are so excited to have you join us on this journey connecting to the transformative energies of Glastonbury, UK, the heart chakra of our planetary home Gaia situated on some powerful ley energy lines!

It has long been in our hearts and bigger vision to offer SoulFullHeart Gatherings in the physical on the Equinoxes and Solstices at sacred sites/places of soul and heart resonance around the world with those drawn to join us.  These Gatherings provide an immersion into the unique and powerfully activating SoulFullHeart energies as a deepening of your process while also serving to reunite and connect soul family members with each other. There is also a Unity Consciousness field of emotional/spiritual/mental/physical sacred human embodiment that serves both individuals and the collective that can be generated during these Gatherings.

We are so blessed to offer now our next SoulFullHeart Gathering over five days during the fall Equinox in the magical lands of Avalon from September 19th through 23rd, 2020! For those who attend the Gathering in person, the five days include SoulFullHeart paradigmatic teachings with us, Raphael and Jelelle Awen, as the co-founders and co-creators of the process, along with being led into our signature, powerful guided meditations and specific group activations and Unity Consciousness codes that arise in the moment. 

The teaching will provide an overview of the SoulFullHeart process to begin or deepen access to feeling the 3D Self parts of you that most need your attention, such as the Inner Protector, Inner Teenager, Inner Child, etc. We also will connect to Metasoul Aspects from other lifetimes and archetypal themes/patterns through accessing your Gatekeeper aspect that may come up in response to the Avalon energies. Particularly of focus will be the healing of the Priest/Priestess frequencies within your soul lineage whose karmic wounds from timelines such as Avalon, Celtic/Roman battles, King Arthur/Camelot, the Essenes/Magdalenes, and more may be blocking letting in of intimate Divine Mother and Father energies in an embodied way.

We will provide space for each participant to have personal emotional/spiritual/energy healing/processing time to be felt and receive reflections from us and from the group, which can be incredibly transformative to experience in a group space. As Jelelle is no longer offering 1:1 sessions, this is an opportunity to receive guidance/activations/reflections/personal teachings from and with her. 

Venturing out on a day trip on Monday September 21, we will visit the most sacred sites in Glastonbury - such as to the Tor, the Abbey ruins, the Chalice Well or Red Spring, and the White Spring - which are within walking distance of the venue. You will receive activations and codes from these sacred sites connected to your personal soul journey along with group grid activations. We will also provide catered vegan lunches and have a special, catered vegan completion dinner and connection time around the fire pit on the final night of the Gathering! We have room for ten people to join us for this in-person Gathering at Rie's Retreat, which you can read more about here: https://www.riesretreat.co.uk/


The in-person experience is $555 CAD (about $400 USD) for the full five days of teachings and space holding with us and FIVE yummy vegan meals catered by Rie, including a final completion dinner on the last night. This cost does not include travel expenses, lodging, and meals outside of what we provide.


If you are not able to pay in full right now, we are open to receiving two to three payments toward the $555 CAD with final payment to be received by September 19th. Please let us know what your plans are toward making the payments so we can coordinate this with you via the contact information below. All payments are fully refundable up to September 19, 2020.


There is a pre-requisite of having a free consult call and at least two sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator prior to attending the Gathering, which you can read more about here: soulfullheart.org/sessions


We also recommend reading Jelelle Awen’s new book as an overview of the SoulFullHeart process called Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out before attending the virtual or in-person Gathering.

We look forward to connecting deeper with you in person or virtually during this event! If you have any questions, please email us through contact page or connect@soulfullheart.org, our contact page on the website or send us a message via the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life Facebook page. 

Much love!

Raphael and Jelelle Awen, Gabriel Heartman, and Kalayna Solais

In-Person Equinox Glastonbury Gathering