Free Consultation: 

If you are interested in 1:1 sessions, we recommend having a free consultation call for 30-45 minutes over Zoom with SoulFullHeart Facilitators Aurius Amara (for men and women) or with Kasha Rokshana (for women) for you to learn more about the SoulFullHeart Process, what happens in sessions, mutually determine if the process is a fit for you at this time, and if so, which Facilitator to meet with in sessions, etc.

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation call via this contact form or emailing You will receive an email from one of them in response to set up a time/date that works for both of you.


Please answer the following questions prior to the call and email them to the Facilitator you are meeting with if possible once you hear from them:


What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a consultation about a session?

How do you feel the process and sessions could help and serve you?

Suggested Reading Prior to the Consultation Call:

This article about parts/Metasoul Aspects

Suggested Viewing Prior to the Consultation Call:

Any video in the Deepen Series with Jelelle Awen

Free Consultation Call