The focus of this group on Saturday, October 12th 2019, was to learn more about the light body activation process that is ongoing as our carbon-based, 3D conditioned/programmed physical bodies transition into crystalline, living on prana/light energy bodies. The process of this seems to come in phases and cycles of detoxification of 3D chemicals and toxic food digestion energies along with activation on cellular, DNA, levels. They will especially focus on what the best fuel as food is for the light body to support its transition.


The recording has about 30 minutes of teaching with Raphael and I about the light body activation process and what we have noticed about it in our own experience through self loving choices connected to being sensitive to the being more porous body. The transmission via the crystal sound healing bowls afterwards offered a transmission of pure, 432HZ frequencies tuned to the seven main chakras. This purity of frequency allows for a more visceral experience of your light body and also you may notice dissonance, anxiety, etc. coming up during the receiving of it as well. The guided meditation connects you to your light body in an opportunity to merge with this frequency.


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Light Body Activation Group Transmission | Jelelle and Raphael Awen