The ache and longing for a nurturing, compassionate and responsive mothering energy in our lives often runs very deep within us and within parts of us such as our Inner Child and Inner Teenager. The actual experience of the mothering we received from female caregivers is often a much different frequency than this which can leave traumas and wounds within us that block our receiving and letting in of the Divine Mother/Feminine energies.


SoulFullHeart Teacher/ Facilitator/Divine Feminine bridge Jelelle Awen hosted this group call for women over Zoom to provide a transmission of codes to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred feminine embodiment. The focus of this group on Sunday, July 5, 2020 over Zoom was on healing the motherhood wound that lives in our this-life and other lifetime experiences with our birth mothers and other female caregivers, and in our experience of being a mother as well.


Jelelle talks about how so often what expresses as mothering is actually based on codependence and a deep wounding within the feminine caregiver that is not actually 'feminine' in an authentic way, yet wounded masculine frequencies. Healing our mother experience with our inner masculine and feminine parts allows for more receiving of the Divine Mother frequencies that support us to embody more of our own Divine Feminine essence. Also, opening up nurturing motherly bonds with feminine aspects of yourself and with Metasoul sisters (soul aspects from other lifetimes) creates an experience of increasingly fulfilling motherhood from within that then flows to the outside.


During this call, you are guided in a meditative space into a healing sisterhood circle with all the souls on the call and with the Magdalenes, a sisterhood consciousness lineage with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Divine Grandmother Anna to help heal the generational motherhood wound inside and outside. You will also connect with the part of you that most represents the 'False Mother' and begin to offer this part much love and light.


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Testimonials from previous women's calls -

"Deepest gratitude for the gifts shared in our Women's Call today! This call is now part of a growing experience of togetherness and sisterhood - TO BE TAKEN IN MANY TIMES, ANYTIME. If you did not have a chance to participate, I would strongly recommend that you take in the recording - As all that we experience, the energy of this one is alive! Incredibly rich to all my parts! Much gratitude for the beautiful shift that it allowed for me today! Namaste!" Isabela Gasparini, group participant


"I feel so much gratitude and Love. These calls are so healing and revealing so much as is this whole process. So glad I am here. I wanted to express deep appreciation for the shares too". Deya, Group participant


"Such a wonderful call and I feel so grateful to have finally been able to attend one of these women’s calls! The meditation and teaching was so moving and epic, each face of mother feeling so important for each aspect of me and my life. The sharings were beautiful and vulnerable as well, so real in what was true for each person’s process. Can’t wait for the next one!" Raianna Shai, Group participant

Healing The Mother Wound Women's Group Call | Jelelle Awen