Sacred union is such a blessed experience...for the gifts, the challenges, the MIRROR, it continually offers us! If we have drawn and signed up to experience it with a deep soul/counterpart mate, then the gifts seem to be exponentially revealed over time. The experience of relationships CAN be a bliss mess, though, of highs and lows. And push up so much to feel and see about yourself and parts of you.


Exploring the grounds of inner sacred union, feeling/connecting with your inner masculine aspect and your inner feminine aspect (however they show up in the moment), DOES help to navigate outer sacred unions. As you heal the polarities within you between your masculine and feminine (as so often templated by birth parents), a sense of union is experienced between them. It is truly a beautiful experience that has its own self sustaining nourishment factor.


And then, add on a sacred union mate to experience this blooming and overflowing inner sacred union with YOU...and it truly provides growth and love experience like no other.


My beloved mate Raphael and I shared a transmission of this Sacred Union within and with other energies with you that we have cultivated together over the last 12 years. This was our first group call from Avalon/Glastonbury and these lands of such potent Divine masculine and feminine energies!


The focus of this group call event on October 10, 2020 was to share about intimate and deep Sacred Union and help you feel in a deeper way what your current experience of Sacred Union is, both within and if you are in a relationship. We share about our personal journeys around experiencing Sacred Union within with our inner masculine and feminine parts, along with our experience together over the years of a sustaining, deepening, and resonant love together due to this process.


SoulFullHeart Facilitators/Teachers, Kasha Rokshana and Gabriel Heartman, also share about their ongoing experiences in choosing a phase of sacred singleness and deepening the Sacred Union within, even after their own experience of having been in Sacred Union together. They also offer a few reasons as to why they chose to complete their romantic union in advocacy for what they both truly and want and need in relationship.


We then lead you on a powerful and deep meditative journey to connect with your inner masculine and feminine. We provide a bridge to your inner Sacred Union consciousness, call in your potential Sacred Union mate, and within the circle of Oneness that is created during the call as well.


The group call is two hours long. You can receive the recording for whatever donation you feel to offer.


You can purchase here on the shop, or you can also purchase it here through paypal by offering a donation to: and we will send you the recording via email. Please make sure your email connected to PayPal is current and leave us a note about what you are purchasing.


We recommend doing this inner Sacred Union meditation with Raphael and Jelelle prior to the call:


You can offer a donation to receive the recording of the other previous group calls as well that Raphael and Jelelle have done together and Jelelle by herself and sometimes with Kasha Rokshana during women's calls at this shop.


You can offer a donation of $15 CAD to receive the recording of the other previous group transmissions as well. More info here:

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Inner/Outer Sacred Union Group Transmission Call | Raphael & Jelelle Awen