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Keep Waking Up! takes you on an awakening journey of heart and soul consciousness. Experience along with author Jelelle Awen how your assumptions can be shaken, possibly deeply suppressed memories provoked, and preconceived ideas about the nature of reality challenged. Keep Waking Up! explores reality beyond the limitations of our five senses-based, body-mind filtering, which offers a goodness that is possible beyond this dimension with Ethereal BEings and guides who are supportive and offer a strong mirror of our capacity as sacred humans.

Living on a remote, off-grid ranch in Mexico without electricity or internet or distractions allowed nature to hold the space for the intense explorations and soul remembrances that occurred for Jelelle over a four month period. Jelelle shares her daily writings in this book, often written immediately after intense meditative journeys and downloaded raw and without much filtering or editing. This visceral method of sharing allows you to be transported into the magical realms and dimensions Jelelle experiences along the way. You come along as she receives strong infusions of kundalini energies, explores other lifetime memories and karmic patterns, and rediscovers her star seed origins through the doorway of holding space for emotional trauma from experiencing abductions from the age of 8 until 17 years old. Jelelle digests her journey through the lens of parts work or working with subpersonalities, a profoundly effective process she has been engaged with personally and with others for more than 13 years. 

Jelelle also awakens to the realization of Ethereal Beings polarized to fear frequencies, usually called Archons or Reptilians, who have created a third dimensional matrix to cap human consciousness at a lower frequency of pain and fear. She digests this information with her guides and comes to claim her role as love ambassador to these Beings, finding a path of negotiation that leads with love, not fear. 

Keep Waking Up! reveals and revels in the power that PURE love has to heal and transform. The depth and breadth of what you experience from reading this book, the resonance that you feel, is up to you and what you are ready for. There are inconceivable new worlds that can be opened up to you - travels to the parallel dimension of Avalon and the Fifth Dimensional frequencies that Jelelle calls Golden Earth and beyond. It is your choice, as always, and the Universe breathes in anticipation around what happens next as you commit to Keep Waking Up!

Published: March, 2017

Written August through December, 2015

Keep Waking Up!: Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond

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