The focus of this group on Thursday, August 8th 2019, was to connect to the Lion's Gate passageway. Lion's Gate is also known as "Ascension Christmas" as it offers highly activating, next level gifts of activations and codes to support you to move into your higher timeline. Lion's Gate creates a bridge to the codes that you've been receiving during the last months of Eclipses, SOULstice, and other cosmic/Gaia/SOULar energy fluctuations.


SoulFullHeart Teachers Jelelle and Raphael Awen guide you in a meditative space in which you can connect to the Lion's Gate codes through your Sirian Lion/Lionness aspects and bring them into your Ascension Chakras with your Protector and other parts that may join in. You journey to a higher dimensional realm of light to receive these codes and run with a lion pride of Sirian BEings to receive an activation of Unity Consciousness.


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Lion's Gate 8/8 Activation Codes Group Transmission | Jelelle and Raphael Awen