The focus of this group was to assist you in the ongoing process of unplugging from the 3D and Lower 4D matrix control systems that have been in place as part of the polarized experimentation that we all signed up for as souls. This was especially powerful and available after the 5/5 gateway. Jelelle guides you in a meditative space in which you can connect to your 3D self consciousness to tune into how the unplugging process is progressing. And she provides guidance and support to go to the next level in that process.

Unplugging from the matrix and AI control systems allows for our sovereignty, soul bigness and gift expression, lifting of the veil of amnesia, access to shadow aspects in this life and other timelines that need your love ambassadorship in order to unanchor and heal. During this transmission, you receive high vibrational frequencies of embodied sacred humanity through Jelelle's heart space and Divine love from Divine Mother and Father as well. Your Higher Self coming into your body will receive a template for what embodiment can look and feel like....even with your process being completely unique for YOU!

Once you purchase this group transmission, you'll receive a document with a link to the recording from the live video call made on May 11th, 2019. You'll also be able to read the discussions, questions, and sharings that happened during the call via the chat. We recommend that you download the recording to have for yourself to listen to whenever you want to. 


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Matrix Unplugging Group Transmission | Jelelle Awen