It’s been an unprecedented year in our modern history since the Corona/Covid virus first appeared about a year ago into most of our worlds. During the last year, we’ve experienced regulations and restrictions by the Government into nearly every facet of our daily living, and along with that a narrative, a story about what the virus is about and what the response to it should be. All areas of our lives have been impacted by this narrative, especially the social and emotional areas. The Covid narrative has also highlighted dissonance, polarizations, and divergence in relationships as souls awaken and choose what consciousness they are going to anchor to through this transition. 


The Covid narrative represents a peaking of and then collapse of control matrix reality at 3D and lower 4D levels that has been in place for thousands of years since the Fall of Atlantis. Many more souls have become aware of the Cabal/Elites/New World agenda that was previously hidden within the drugged out comfort and static routine of 3D life. We are moving now as a collective into an ‘alternative’ lower 4D dystopian narrative reality that for many will assist them to awaken eventually into 5D New Earth consciousness. 


There is a lot to digest and feel from being in this narrative for the last year. SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Ascension bridges Raphael and Jelelle Awen co-hosted this group call for women and men over Zoom to provide a transmission of Ascension codes from their physical location in Glastonbury/Avalon (the heart and third eye chakra of Gaia) to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred human embodiment.


In the recording, Raphael and Jelelle offer a higher heart perspective on how to look at and feel the covid narrative, how the narrative around the covid virus is more of the real actual virus affecting the demise of 3D, which is actually a sovereign move of consciousness. In that, we are offered to leave the rooms of activism and outcry when we are done with them and see that love itself is affecting a grand death and rebirth that we are invited into. Now, we are able to feel and connect with the parts of ourselves who hold very real anxieties about the playout of this narrative and continue our personal and collective journey into New Earth. We offered a guided meditation to connect with your personal din of the covid battlefield where we found and connected with the 3D part of you and then led that part of you out into its arising New Earth, sacred sanctuary.


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Navigating The Covid Narrative Group Meditation Call | Raphael & Jelelle Awen