SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Divine Masculine bridges Raphael Awen and Aurius Amara co-hosted this group call for men over Zoom to provide a transmission of sacred masculine codes from their physical location in Glastonbury/Avalon (the heart and third eye chakra of Gaia) to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred masculine embodiment.


In the recording, there is about 45 minutes of teaching and sharing from Raphael feeling into new ways of relating to the universal challenge that men face in their journey around adequacy, power & vulnerability. Raphael shared several new perspectives and ways to approach this relationship and more specifically with the part of us who primarily holds these feelings, and the transformation that can offer.


Raphael then led a guided meditation around the 45 minute mark for 15 minutes where we connected with Yeshua, Divine Father as guides as well as our Divine Self and then bridged from there to a timeline and setting in our lives when we were feeling powerful and adequate, which created a bridge to meet the Inner Protector.


Aurius Amara and James Elphick shared following the meditation with their reflections and journey. In the final 40 minutes of the two hour call, there were open, rich and transparent sharings from five other men on the call.

You can receive the recording for an energy exchange of whatever donation you feel to give here on the Shop.

Or you can purchase it here through paypal: and we will send you the recording via email. Please make a note that you are purchasing the March 27th Men’s Group Call and check that your email on PayPal is current.

This is the first of our men’s only calls, but we have many other group calls that have been for men and women over the past two years that are available to purchase the recording for on this shop.

Power, Adequacy, & Vulnerability Men's Group Call | Raphael Awen & Aurius Amara