The focus of this Sacred Arising Feminine Exploration group on Sunday, October 27 2019, was to provide a continuing conversation about what the sacred feminine is and isn't, plus the process that is needed (both to let in and to let go of) for more embodiment of the sacred feminine. The focus of this group will be about your Inner Masculine, who is often protecting and guarding your inner feminine. This can often be a very polarized relationship in need of healing.


The recording has about 45 minutes of teaching with me about the inner masculine and the dynamics that can show up inside related to the different masculine and feminine parts (and masculinized feminine parts too!) The transmission via guided meditation offers a journey with Magdalene joining us at some point to connect with your Inner Masculine (in whatever form he shows up in) with him showing you where the Inner Feminine he is protecting lives. You then are invited to ask him some questions about his relationship with your Inner Feminine and what his dreams/hopes are for her.


Then, there are touching and inspiring personal sharings from those who attended the call and some who are currently doing sessions with us about their ongoing process of connecting to parts of themselves and their arising experience of the inner feminine and inner masculine relationship.

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Healing Your Inner Masculine Women's Group Call | Jelelle Awen