Our sexual energy is probably the most misunderstood force in existence. One way of attempting to describe sexual energy is seeing it and feeling it as liquid love and light, the invisible force that threads all of us to each other.


Sexual energy is so much more than the physical act of sexual intercourse between partners. It is the living essence of life, creative power and the Divine embodied. And it is innocent with a strong desire to be ALIVE. It takes a lot of energy to keep it suppressed and blocked, yet we do because of traumas, shame, judgement, sexual abuse, etc. and cultural/Matrix conditioning.


SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Divine Sacred Union/Twin Flame bridges Raphael and Jelelle Awen co-hosted this group call for women and men over Zoom to provide a transmission of sacred sexuality codes from their physical location in Glastonbury/Avalon (the heart and third eye chakra of Gaia) to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred human embodiment. The focus of this group on Sunday, March 14th, 2021 was on opening up your sacred sexuality flow through connecting to any part to of you that may be blocking it, and from there to begin a relationship with this part of you to curiously discover what may be wanting to come next for you.


In the recording, there is about 45 minutes of teaching and sharing from Raphael and Jelelle about sacred sexuality, what it is, what blocks it flow and expression, and healing that happens in the relationship parts of us have to our sexuality from shame to innocence; performance to vulnerability, dark to light, false to authentic. We co-led a guided meditation with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to connect with the Sacred Feminine Red and Sacred Masculine White Spring Well and waters here in Avalon for purification, activation, and cleansing. There were then some wonderful sharings from SoulFullHeart Facilitators Aurius Amara and Kasha Rokshan about their experience of sacred sexuality healing alone and together and others about their experience of the meditation.


Whether in a sacred sexuality exploration with a partner or currently single, this group call will provide an initiation into the deeper waters of healing your sacred sexual energy that brings life to LIFE.


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This is a series that has several calls from the past, although you do not need to listen to all of them to receive benefits from this one. You can purchase the recording of the other group calls and women's group call transmissions here: https://www.soulfullheart.org/shop


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Sacred Sexuality Group Meditation Call | Raphael & Jelelle Awen