SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Divine Masculine bridges Raphael Awen and Gabriel Amara co-host this group call for men over Zoom to provide a transmission of sacred masculine codes from their physical location in Glastonbury/Avalon (the heart and third eye chakra of Gaia) to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred masculine embodiment. We will also be joined by James Elphick, who is an active member of the Soulfullheart community.


How do you as a man relate to your sense of sovereignty in the world?


How does that make you feel either empowered or disempowered?


Where would surrender factor into the expression of your sense of sovereignty?


As men, we can be quick to embrace anything that affords us a sense of sovereignty, and slow to lean into anything that feels like it will lessen that. Even what we reach towards in spiritual or community settings can be so tailored to this need for self-empowerment and freedom.


But where do we find the pause button long enough to surrender into what is real about our need for sovereignty? ‘What is it that you really want?’ may be the most profound question that you as a man need to ask yourself, as well as the most sorting question that can be asked when it comes to independence as well as relationships with others and community.


In these times of pandemic control measures, our sense of sovereignty is brought to the forefront. The word ‘surrender’ evokes more a feeling of submission in an environment of a lack of external freedom and government dictates. What does surrender really mean in this context?


In SoulFullHeart, we offer a way to get to know and feel the parts of you that are oriented to life in this way without judging them in any way. Here begins an exit off the treadmill of 'control', where even the prescription of surrender can be related to as a higher form of sovereignty.


These are the questions we will explore together, offer teaching and transparent personal reflections about our journey in this men's group call.


During the call, we will also enter a time of guided meditation to meet your Inner Protector, the part of you that has the most domain when it comes to your sovereignty and surrender. Just meeting this part of you, getting a feeling sense of them for the first time or the hundredth time is what opens out the deep heart and soul places that you have been wanting to venture into. In other words, the key to your freedom is not more solutions, or more control, but instead you showing up to get to know these parts of you who feel so much about your life, your dreams, your needs, etc. As this happens more and more, your life gets to enter new configurations in all areas of your life, because it’s shifting on the inside.

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Sovereignty & Surrender Men's Group Call | Raphael Awen & Gabriel Amara